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Basically I want some of the links in my page to open in new tabs (Im using Firefox) or windows if the user has their options configured that way.How to avoid double click on a link next an input. Solved: Hello, Is there any way that I can force Confluence to always open the destination page in a new tab?You can use some custom HTML to make external links open in a new window, covered by Atlassians docs. Why you spend the "open in a new tab and open in a new window when you right click on a link? This has happened with the latest version.Open new tabs whenever I click on a link - multiple tabs to open wwhen I SLEEP. How can I stop this other than switching browsers? That way it is possible to open links in new tabs with a right-click, which is handy for users who work with laptop touchpads for instance or two button mice.Middle-click: Opens the selected link in a new tab. You just have to click longer than usual to automatically open the links in a new tab in background.After that, the link will be opened in a new Firefox tab. However, I will recommend you to increase the hold time in this mode as it can also unintentionally auto open other links on a web page. Disabling right click on websites and blogs are not a common thing among bloggers who dont want their sites content to be copied. Disabling right click is quite useful (but it doesnt completely stops a user from copying the content) Please return default behaviour of links! I want to ability open video in new tab then I want.Ruffles its CMD Click (or two finger click on the track pack and select " Open in New Tab". It works for me. Command-click between about, home and contact and you should experience the problem they dont open in new tabs.How can I open a new tab using javascript without switching to the new tab? For example, when a user clicks on a link a new tab is to be opened, but the user should stay Chrome has several different ways of which users can make a link or cause a pop-up to open in new tab instead of new window, overriding what is encoding on web pages.The easiest way to open any link in a new tab is to right click on the link, and choose Open link in a new tab. 1.) "Is It Happening with only one Link or Any Link You Click??" Some Links are Meant to Open In New Tab! 2.) If it goes with Every link you click, then Just Check out if Sticky Keys are of Ctrl Key is On! AKA, Why didnt this link open in a new tab? See, there are different behind-the-scenes ways to open a link.sproutsarah, from Sprout Social I think links should always open in new tabs. If Im clicking on a link in a post I just read and want to share, its to research a Twitter handle. Cmd Click will open a link in a new a tab behind the current one, if you click a link.

Cmd Shift Click will open the new tab bring it to the front. These are the default settings [iirc] but they can be changed in Prefs (Note: I previously suggested blank instead of blank because, if used, itll open a new tab and then use the same tab if the link is clicked again. However, this is only because, as GolezTrol pointed out, it refers to the name a of a frame/window In other words, when you click on a link, the resulting page will be opened in the same tab instead of a new tab.Here is how you can configure Google to open each search result in a new tab page. I often use the CTRLclick shortcut to open links in a new tab. At first I thought the issue was with Chrome, but then I decided to try the same thing in FireFox and it doesnt work there either.

I run Ubuntu on a MacBook Air with a touchpad and no mouse. Cant find any solutions to it Ive read suggestions about Chrome Toolbox extension by Google, but the box is unchecked next to "When clicking on a link, always open in new tab." Please, please help me figure this thing out. In this article, I have explained how to stop new tab opening when clicking on a link using javascript ( jQuery ). All the browsers supports control click on hyperlinks. When user CTRLCLICK on any link, the hyperlink is opened in a new tab. But, I dont think you have much control over "open in new tab" vs "open in new window". Youll have to do some research on that. MK.But I do not know how in APEX I can foce the opening of a new tab when I click on a link. The mouse wheel is my preferred way of opening links in new, background tabs but when using the touchpad, the option just isnt there. If youre a Firefox user though, QuickTab is an add-on that can help you. It lets you open a link in a new background tab by clicking on it longer than you normally Right-click on links to open them in new tabs. Firefox does this by default with middle- clicks, but many laptop mice (touchpads) dont have middle buttons. The thing is its with the Right click. How to Open link in a New Tab When Click any where on page using jquery. CtrlClick When left-clicking on a link with the mouse hold down the CtrlShift keys to have the hyperlinked site open in a new tab in the background. By default, pressing the wheel down or any middle or third-button mouse opens the link clicked on in a new window or tab.If your middle button does not open a new tab or does something different try adjusting the mouse button settings by following the steps below. Making Sure Links Created Using HTML Open in a New Tab/Window.Inside the first closing caret and second open caret, enter what you wish your link to read. For example, "Click here." When I click the link that I would like to open in new tab or window, the right click window appears, I click on the desired function, and the right click window closes and nothing happens. Edge was working so fine for the first couple of weeks after upgrade to Windows 10, but now when I click on a link it opens a blank tab. If I right click to open in new tab it works fine. Now when your visitors click that link, it will open in a new window or tab (depending on which web browser they are using and how they configured that browser).If someone clicks on a link and wants to return to your site, they will simply hit the Back button on their browser. Facebook does it, but how do they handle the right clicks and "open in new tab"?link.attr("href", originallink) ) Currently when you right click on the link, the new url will be shown in the browser corner, how do I bypass that? Opening links in a new tab with a single click of your mouse may make heavy Web browsing less irksome.6. Check the box next to "When Clicking on a Link, Always Open it in a New Tab." 7. Click the circle next to "Open in Background Tab" if you want the new tab to load in the background. Click here to Sign up. You can also use the below options to login.I want to do something similar but the link is on a thumbnail img that goes to another website. I want that link to open the website in a new tab in the browser in case the viewer is not familiar with the back arrow button at top of the web but this doesnt account for users who might want to hold down command and click on a row to open it in a new tab.(Disclaimer: If you use something like this in the wild, make sure to do some other checks, like for multiple links in rows, the existence of checkboxes, that sort of thing but this is When I click on a link in a page I am viewing, the link opens a new tab but the tab isnt active.

I then have to click on the new created tab to view it.Firefox and Edge open a new active tab when clicking on a link. Seems to be pretty basic. When one clicks on the image - sales page opens in the same tab.This is what it says: To open a new browser window you simply have to add target"blank" attribute to a link. Id love to be able to right click, i.e two finger tap on the magic trackpad, and have a link open in a new tab. I know I can hold the command button to accomplish this, but then it takes two hands. I tried the following on the command line which had no effect i am getting value from database and assigned to that LinkButton. When i clicked that link button, it should open in new tab insted of new window.

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