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replace img src. Snippet Code. Rate this page to replace the image path or img src using jquery use this snippet I am trying to refresh an image on the page but it is not happening. I have a page with images and I need to update those images as required.The image on the page should update itself. Now, I tried (imageid). attr(src, newimage). Difference between jQuery attr() and jQuery prop() method: This is a very common question because most of the people are confused about where to use prop() method and where attr() method. Tags: image javascript jquery src. Related post. Changing background with jQuery getting stuck or cant update imgs src attribute 2010-06-25.jQuery function in .attr is called only once for all matching tags 2009-10-08. image - jQuery attr() change img src. javascript - changing the img src with jquery. javascript - jquery - Undefined src when using attr() of image. javascript - on jquery, how to manually define image src into html tag. Is this not working for you? ("img.whatever").attr("src","newurl.

gif") Glen. On 11/13/06, Matt Grimm wrote: What would be an ideal way to refresh an image whose src attribute is a script that dynamically generates the image? In my previous example Ive explained you, how to refresh data on JSP page coming from Spring MVC Controller and refresh using JQuery You can take a look at it here. This article will help you to understand the power of jQuery (library of JavaScript functions) with simple html page.