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Is Thunder curse a military monk spell? Ozzy Heredia. How do you get that thunder curse skill? TacAllan. hey, i sub, im mili too, what do you recomend i do now? im full t3, my gems isnt good, lvl 3 gems andOrder and Chaos Online Red Envelope Glitch. Order Chaos Online - 70 lvl Mili Monk. Order and Chaos Daily: Monk - Level 10. 960 x 640 png 620kB.Epic Warrior and Epic Monk Order Chaos Online Account 640 x 384 jpeg 38kB. Military monks a decent pick in either PvP or PvE, but not brilliant at either. So, youve picked your class and picked what youd want to do mainly.Order and Chaos Online 2: Redemption review Part One. My name on the server is Dylanswagg and I am on the US Arcadian forest server.

You are welcome to PM me or mail me any questions about the game or military monks I also have a Mage ranger and warrior so feel free to as me questions about those classes to. Thanks for watching Order And Chaos Order Chaos 1. This Amino community is for all OAC1 players! Get App.This guide will show you how stats affect your character for a better understanding of which stats are important for your class.Guardian, Bloodseeker, Marksman, Assassin, Blazer, Garrison and Military Monk -> Classes that What is the best class in Order Chaos 2: Redemption, and what class should you play?The Ancients Prelude update has arrived, and with it comes Mastery mode! I will be putting together a build guide for each map, as they release! Description Order Chaos: Trial Field of the Limit [Martial Monk] Game Order Chaos Online by Gameloft 4. Order and chaos military monk short tutorial. Published: 10 months ago. NEW Military Monk BUILD with low mana use!Order and Chaos Online-Monk Healer-Trial Field of the Limit- Legend Mode- Gaming with Bogey - Duration: 9:11. Bogey Studios Gaming 1,204 views. Order Chaos | New Talents Monk/Mili (U 1 year ago.

by SoulFiree OAC 1 year ago. Divine monk PVP talent tree / Gem setupby Jigglydududu 3 months ago. ORDER AND CHAOS - Legendary Mili Monk Order and Chaos 2. Added September 30, 2015.AN MMORPG BUILT FOR MOBILE Controls optimised for MMO games on mobile devices Better communication with optimised chat and in-game mailbox features.Military MMO. NEW Military Monk BUILD with low mana use! 10:24.Military Monk Talent Spec 2v2 Arena Gameplay: Order and Chaos 2.8.1. Order and chaos online mili monk sfl.Order and Chaos online - Reptilias Trove Guide - New Dungeon. TheSpeedfreak. The Monk uses its fist as weapons and focuses more on skills and buffs. They can only wear cloth armor and Tailoring seems to be their best trait.One Response to Order Chaos Online Best Class. Trolling with Kortav Tanky build [Heroes of order and chaos].

HOC Marcosegs.And i know they are way better monks out there than me that can do this in under 10mins,Im more of a warrior guy. Mages have damage and crowd control trees. Monks are a lot like Paladins who will spec damage or healing. Warriors are only as they are in Wow.That said, Order Chaos talk gimmick could be better. Any Order Chaos - Any Server. Class: Any Mage Monk Ranger Warrior.(describe): Garment crafting intermediate level almost to advanced Alternate Characters Stats (describe): Military build for quick kills and dps Additional Information: This is a good setup for guild building with these classes. If you want to concentrate your holy skills on destruction than follow the Military Monk Damage per Second tree. Should the Monk Use Dual Weapon Wielding? The only problem with dual wielding for an Order and Chaos Monk is the lack of good fist or mace weapons. Be reborn in the best and biggest mobile MMORPG! Get on the road to redemption in a completely new story in the world of Order Chaos.5 Classes to choose from: Blood Knight, Ranger, Mage, Warrior, and Monk Upgrade and evolve your weapons and make yourself unstoppable. Best Trade Skill. Tailoring. Specs. Divine and Military Monk. Ranger Rangers specializes is doing heavy distance damage with bows, but can also specialize in a close quarters assassination role.Order and Chaos Online Game Info. Having undergone numerous large content updates, Order Chaos Online managed to maintain its spot as one of the best, and most popularThe four classes include tough, melee Warriors, powerful, spell-casting Mages, supportive, life-healing Monks, and quick, bow- and dagger-wielding Rangers. These races developed languages, built cities. Khalin was pleased. But then, driven by greed, the races clashedOrder: This faction is viewed as the Good for the world in Order Chaos Online.If "Military Monk" is chosen as primary Talent Tree, talents will include Passive and Activated Spellsand chaos 2 class guides order and chaos 2 best race for monk order and chaos monk buildOrder Chaos 2: Redemption. Ranger Assassin (PvP). Stargazer Mage (PvE Healer MoreDivine monks focus on Wisdom 18 Aug 2016 Advanced military monk guide (bruiser spec) v2.7.0. Forums > Order Chaos 2: Redemption > Skills Inscriptions >.PVE Healing Monk Build. Discussion in Skills Inscriptions started by Lenopy, Sep 30, 2015. In order and chaos Im a level 28 military monk, Im at port verecy, but I cant find anymore quests! Help?Answers. Best Answer: i dont really know about order and chaos. 5:04Order and Chaos Season 4 Pvp - Video Farming The Speedfreak coming soon! (Gf 24-3) 6:01 Order and Chaos PvP 2v2 Part 23 Bloody with Monk Heal 4:34Order and Chaos PvP 2v2 Part 22 Fastshort tutorial 10:37Order and Chaos 2: Redemption - Gameplay - Dungeons Quests! Order Chaos Online: Talent Talk Episode3 "MILITARY MONKRead more. Posted Image. Best build for Warrior ? [PIC] - Playpark Community Forum. Read more. Advertisements: Bitcoin - What Is It? Your Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Wealth! VIP Video Converter - Best Video Audio Converter ClickBank - Passive Income.Order and Chaos online - RTL with Military Monk - Melee Dps. Look at most relevant Order and chaos divine monk cheats websites out of 416 Thousand at best iOS app reviews and news this side of Mars! ORDER AND CHAOS- New fk dps spec in RML !Order and Chaos Tank DPS Spec. Server: Arcadian Forest Guild: Rogue IOS Guild Website is: mobile gaming. Best iOS App.ORDER AND CHAOS - Legendary Mili Monk - Shea Gzz!!! Order and Chaos - 2s PvP w/ HYPERON (1) PHENOM (2) vs JigglyPuff. Order Chaos Online Wiki. 1,500 Pages. Add new page.Military Monk. Edit. Classic editor. Order Chaos Online: Talent Talk Episode3 "MILITARY MONK!!!" Dizzy Gamer. Order Chaos Online Mythbusters: Monk Or Dps Warrior? Who Is Better In A Duel? Odoievil. Monks Might Not Suck at Arenas After All! Order and Chaos Online | Tank Gear HD. MrMemorian.If you got questions or special video wishes just comment below, i will try my best to answer all your comments. Feel free to comment, like and subscribe! NEW Military Monk BUILD with low mana use! Hi my name is Monk-fu in order and chaos android version!Order Chaos Online - Mili/Sin - Bomber Squad. (USE HEADPHONES) Please let me know what you thought of this video to help me Смотрите онлайн видео в хорошем HD качестве бесплатно и без регистрации на нашем видеопортале Best wishes from the whole Order Chaos Online team!Apart from minor bug fixes and code optimization most important changes will include: -Fix a bug that the boot of Martial monk gets missing from S5 merchant. Order and Chaos Duels. Card Discussions.Deck Building.Denaria The Merciful (Monk Elf) All friendly minions recover 5 health and receive 4 attack this turn.Wanted to pick one of each.oh well looks like I am an Order guy! Game: Order and chaos online By: Gameloft Name: spid IOS.Order and Chaos online - The Distorted Demesne Guide - Legend. Order Chaos online- Bnl 2 man no heal mount drop.! DDL AS 8K GS MILLI ( no enlighted t5) OaC. Is Thunder curse a military monk spell? iMagik Oac.Order and Chaos Online Red Envelope Glitch. Order Chaos online: RFL - Usnemor - Epic Drop Pulverizing Grasp. Order Chaos Online: Talent Talk Episode3 "MILITARY MONK!!!" Order And Chaos Online : How to Find Scanner Quest to Divine Monk Healer.Keep in mind the skill tree below was a test built at the time. A monk is that good 0 0.Order and Chaos online - Sacred Seven Pagoda(SSL) - Guide. Oracular Fan of Prophecy (Scanner Upgrade 2): Order and Chaos Online 2.9.0. The Best Game Guides and More.Defense: Offense: Monk: Devine: Military: (Perfect for assassin crit). RangerOther Order Chaos Online Articles. These races developed languages, built cities. Khalin was pleased. But then, driven by greed, the races clashed violently.Order: This faction is viewed as the Good for the world in Order Chaos Online.If "Military Monk" is chosen as primary Talent Tree, talents will include Passive and Order Chaos has four classes to pick from. Each class also has two specializations to choose from as well.Honestly if youre just going for the achievements in this game I wouldnt pick Monk. Its probably the slowest of the 4 classes to level to 60. And i know they are way better monks out there than me that can do this in under 10mins, Im more of a warrior guy. KEEP IN MIND THE SKILL TREE BELOW WAS A TEST BUILT AT THE TIME SkillTree httpOrder And Chaos Online : Try Fcl 3 Boss Banana Monkey Boss. I have the KPL shirt as well, so I can use Thunder CurseUsually I go Mantis Cudgel - Pheonix - Tiger Claw - Lion KingAlso what server are you on.Military Monk Talent Spec 2v2 Arena Gameplay: Order and Chaos 2.8.1. It doesnt do enough damage theres a far better investment route which Ill explain soon. Why Natural Body? - If youre relatively well geared, 6 of 25,000(you should have around 25k hp if not more) 1500. Order And Chaos 2 (OaC2) - Short Tour Of My Monk :) Order Chaos online - Manaprism Laboratory Dungeon - Legend Guide. Order and Chaos online - Manaprism Protector - Guide. Military Monk Glorious Victor set Set (2): 150 Resilience Set (4): Holy Purification: The conversion rate of your Attack Power into Spell Power and Healing power is increased by 15. As with all classes in Order Chaos Online, Monks can specialize in one of two talent trees: Divine and Martial. Monks use Tailoring to craft their tier equipment and can only wear Cloth gear. Due to having a dps spec available, they are able to use a wide variety of weapons: Staffs, Polearms

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