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What makes a waffle maker an awesome tool is that it doesnt need any oil to give food, a crispy exterior. Use it for anything that you would put in a fryer, like french fries, tater tots or even hash browns. Hash Brown WafflesShutterbean. Waffled Hash Browns Recipe Food Thinkers by Breville. Hash Browns in the Waffle Maker from tater tots!Ham and Cheese Hashbrown WafflesDamn Delicious. Waffle Iron Hash Browns Tiny Tip Tuesday. A while ago, I came across yet another idea over on Pinterest land for making hash browns in the waffle maker with tater tots!Or you can have tater tot hash browns on one day, and then have zucchini tot hashbrowns the next day you know, to balance the equation and all. . waffle iron hash browns. Not sure where I saw this but it is pure brilliant. Put Crispy Crowns, Tater Tots or hash.Here is a delicious and fun recipe to try for a weekend breakfast: Hash Browns Made in the Waffle Iron This. Hashbrown Waffles Hashbrown Waffle Iron Tater Tot Waffle Egg Bake With Hashbrowns Tater Tot Breakfast Waffle Waffle Potato Waffles Waffle Maker Recipes Quesadilla Maker Recipes. Make hash browns in the waffle cooker with tater tots, they are SO good! If you own a waffle iron, then the world is your oyster or waffle, because apparently waffle makers can make almost anything better. Turn your tater-tots into hash- browns, your quesadilla into a quesa-waffle and your frozen popcorn chicken into chicken waffles. Homemade Hashbrowns With Waffle Maker - Duration: 4:30.Waffle Iron Hash Browns - Duration: 3:23. Jan Brandvold 18,967 views.He Piles Tater Tots Into A Waffle Iron For 1 DELICIOUS Reason! And possibly the easiest hash browns known to man (which is a great thing for me because I make the biggest mess cooking them the regular way).frozen tater tots (YOU DONT EVEN NEED COOKING SPRAY). waffle iron. Cook until the tater tot waffle is crisp, about 5 10 minutes.

(The exact time will depend on your waffle maker). Remove the waffle from the waffle iron and allow it to cool on a wire rack. Aries: Tater Tots. Taurus: Curly Fries. Gemini: Waffle Fries.When I was home visiting my parents for the holidays, we were watching The Kitchen on Food Network and they made waffle iron hash browns. Who says waffle irons are just for waffles? Try making perfectly crunchy hash browns in the waffle maker for your next weekend breakfast.I actually used some thawed tater tots to speed things up! Heat waffle iron. Fill it with tater tots. Dont forget all the little spaces.

Cook for 5-10 minutes, until crispy. Take it off (tongs and spatulas help).Salted Caramel Frosted Brown Sugar Sheet Cake. Sour Cream Hash Brown Casserole. Greek Yogurt Onion Dip. Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles. If you never thought to make waffle hash browns, you should.(Also check out this bloggers Waffled Tater Tot Grilled Cheese!) 6. Waffle Iron Hash Browns. Published: 4 years ago.If you love tater tots, this recipe for Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese is for you. Pull out the waffle iron for a new take on a grilled. fast food hash brown now tastes like fried paper. l-i-f-e-c-h-a-n-g-i-n-g. cook approximately: 6 minutes.my husband asked me if I wanted eggs with my tater tot waffles, yes of course I am all for a well-rounded breakfast. next I knew, he was pouring the whisked eggs into our waffle maker. cook Bite sized tater tots are delicious and convenient, but a lot of people prefer the restaurant-style hash browns that require a fork. If youre sitting down for a nice breakfast at home, its surprisingly easy to make these fancier hash browns on a waffleUse a Waffle Maker to Roll Your Own Pizza Pockets. Who wants a sad little tater tot with their eggs when they can have a crispy, crunchy hash brown waffle?!Related on Yahoo Makers: 10 Unexpected Things to Make in a Panini Press. Smores Waffles. You dont need a campfire for these little babies! Real talk: Tater tots are perfect all day, erry day. But making them into a waffle and using them as bread is just pure genius. This killer tater tot grilled cheese sandwiches cheese, bacon and jalapeo between two tater tot waffles. Хлеб и выпечка. 1 Waffle maker.Waffled Hash Browns - Will it Waffle. Tater tot waffle grilled cheese sandwich. Like whoa. из HuffPost. Hash Brown Waffles. 7 Comments 20 September 2013. Todays post isnt so much about a recipe as it is a technique we just had to try.Webs Best: Recipes with Tater Tots | Cool Material - March 4, 2014. [] The Belgian waffle maker is an underused kitchen tool that, when combined with just the Remove tater tot waffles from the waffle iron, top with sour cream and green onions, and serve immediately. Notes: 1 Bag of Tater Tots made three waffles. Tater tot waffles are the perfect replacement for hash browns and they cook much faster. Why make foods in a waffle maker? Well Im glad you asked! -) Since waffle makers apply heat to both sides of a food at the same time, so you can often cook them faster than youd normally be able to.5. Tater Tot Hashbrowns. Browse posts, videos and photos relating to Waffle iron hash browns on Facebook and discover similar topics such as pairing, tater tot waffle iron andTater tot waffle iron. I use my waffle iron for sandwiches, waffles, cookies but the food my grandsons ask for most often is tater tot hash browns.Similar to using hash browns, have you tried making latkas/pancakes in your waffle maker. Making hash browns in a waffle iron is not only easy, its also super quick. Let me tell.All you have to do it put the tater tots on the waffle iron, and let the machine do the rest. Always in pursuit of the best homemade hash browns/crispy potatoes I was interested in trying out the waffle iron method, while simultaneously terrified of ruining our waffle maker.They werent too thin either so you also got an inside consistency similar to tater tots. Hash Brown Waffles. Waffle irons are quickly proving to be more than a one-trick pony.Hash Brown Tater-Tots. Pizza Pizza Pizza Dough Waffle Pizza Waffle House Waffles Waffle Toppings Pizza Maker Brownie Waffles Waffle Maker Recipes Healthy Waffle Recipes.Ham and Cheese Hashbrown Waffles - Crunchy, yet silky smooth hashbrowns made right in the waffle iron. Waffle Iron Hash Browns. Hashbrowns with tater tots.MMO Busted: I just cooked some in my waffle maker, loved them btw. Use these waffle maker hacks to cook hashbrowns, cookies, corn dogsUsing just frozen tater tots and your waffle iron, you can whip up nearly instant hash browns for your breakfast or brunch. It does not get much easier than this! (via Tablespoon). Tater tots in waffle form, of course.Close, pressing down firmly to flatten, and cook until golden brown and crisp, about 5-6 minutes, or until desired crispness is reached. I put tater tots in my waffle iron. It sounded like a crazy/kind of genius idea at the time.Speaking of that, you can take these tater tot waffles in a million and one directions. Theyre basically just a super crispy, giant hash brown. Hash Browns. Tater Tots.Warm waffle maker. Once it is heated put single layer of tater tots and slowly close the lid. Cook until golden brown, approximately 3 minutes.

Fill waffle iron with tater tots, and cook until crisp. Carefully remove tater tot waffle.Carefully remove tater tot waffle. Stack waffles with cheese, bacon, and jalapeo in the middle. Slice, serve with dipping sauce, and enjoy! That waffle iron is a useful thang. Let it earn its keep when you use it for more than just waffles -- like for making HASHBROWNS! Guys.Youll know your waffles are done when they are golden brown and crispy. Gorgeously delish! Gently plop your waffle onto a large plate. Line a waffle iron with tater tots and cook until crispy and golden brown. In a frying pan, cook sausage patties until browned and cooked through. Once cooked, add two pieces of cheese to each patty and allow to melt slightly. Tater tots are cooked in a waffle iron for a perfectly crispy potato waffle, topped with a gooey egg and bacon.A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I woke up with a serious hankering for hash browns but I also didnt really feel like going out for breakfast. I have also cooked tater tots with cheese ( cheese goes on when the tots are almost done) on my sandwich maker, but you have to let the tater7. When the potatoes are golden brown throughout, 1 to 2 minutes more, carefully remove them from the waffle iron. People Who Like This Dish 0. Crisp, delicious hash browns, made with one easy, little ingredient. Heres all youll need for tasty hash browns: a waffle iron, nonstick baking spray, and regular or sweet potato tater tots. Image Source: Brooke McLay. Waffle iron hash browns. by Kimberoo 16d via Android.Non stick spray and a bag of tater tots were camera shy but you need them too. Lay a dish towel under your waffle iron, this gets steamy. Behold: the Waffle Iron Hash Brown, a miracle of modern technologyAfter a few minutes, those tater tots will transform into a latticed hash brown — I like to call them Tot Browns — complete with divets that are perfect for storing your topping of choice (cheese, ketchup, syrup — the choice is yours). And the Internet is no stranger to waffled hash browns. Theres the Tater Tots version, of course, and Smitten Kitchen has done potato latkes (close cousins to hash browns) in the waffle iron. Waffle Iron Hash Browns. Hashbrowns with tater tots.MMO Busted: I just cooked some in my waffle maker, loved them btw. Waffle Iron Hash Brown Tater.Related: tater tots ingredients, tater tots casserole, tater tots maker ida, waffle iron pizza crust, quotes about tater tots. What youll need: Waffle Iron, tater tots, an egg, and some cheddar cheese. Crack the egg into a small dish and whisk until smooth. Sprinkle some cheese on the hot waffle iron. Food Hack: Turn Tater Tots into Hash Browns.Vegan butter- Tater Tot Waffles - Yes, you can turn tater tots into the BEST WAFFLES ever using a waffle iron! Breakfast doesnt get any easier, or tastier! Waffle pizzas, cinnamon rolls and now our new favorite Waffle Iron Hash Brown Tater Tots!Perfect hash browns every time! Im no stranger at using my waffle iron for other things than waffles. Our two favorites are waffle pizza dippers and waffle iron cinnamon rolls. Tater Tot Hash Browns. June 15, 2012.Photographer. Baker.Dinner Maker for Many. Chocolate and Taco Lover. Thanks for stopping by! Tater Tot Hash Browns. Happy Sunday, friends! We hope that you all had a great Valentines Day weekend.Several months ago, I saw this pin about making hash browns using tater tots and a waffle iron. Instead of making plain old waffles in the waffle iron, how about pizza waffles, mashed potato waffles, or tater tot waffles? Yum. Im personally partial to churro french toast waffles and waffle ice cream sandwiches.

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