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Diffrent between dual core and cor 2 Duo - Duration: 10:23. funky Dhaba 1,009 views.The Difference Between DDR 1/2/3 RAM cards - Duration: 2:12. URDorginal 83,267 views. what is the difference between as dual core and core 2 duo processor technology? Can someone explain in more detailed explanation.Have you tried. by ComputerCookie 10 years ago In reply to difference between Dual c I am a new user of CR-4 site, just registered and asking a question as a guest user that can anybody explain me the technical difference between the terms Dual Core CPU of intel and Core 2 DuoCore Duo is a single processor split in two, that is to decrease heat generated by the processor. Dual core and Core2 Duo both use 2 cores to process instructions good. ok but whats the difference thenSatyam saga shows holes in india corporate governa Difference between dual core and core 2 duo. Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology makes it possible to integrate two complete execu-tion cores in one physical package, providing advancements in simultaneous computing for multi-threadedThe result is improved speed and efficiency, relative to previous-generation dual-core Intel processors. The Core Duo is Intels first generation dual core processor based upon the Pentium M (a Pentium III-4 hybrid) made mostly for laptops (though a few motherboard manufacturers have released desktop boards supporting the Core Duo CPU), and is much more efficiently than Pentium D Core 2 Duo would then be considered a level above the Dual Core agency.On the other hand, the Core 2 delivered such technical efficiency, the value may be in investing in the better tech. The Dual Core was by no means a bad choice for a two core processor. Intels dual core and core 2 duo processors were the first ones to introduce the multicore processor computing power.Core i3 Vs Core 2 Duo: Technical Specifications Like the core 2 duo processors1 Answer. Hilw,, what is the difference between atom and intel core duo processor?? Technical difference between dual core and core 2 duo processor.solved DUAL MONITOR SETUP USING Intel Core2 Duo Processor E7400. Assignment on Dual Core Vs Core 2 Duo. Subject: Computer Topic: Assignment.Many people are confused what exactly the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo and Between Intel Pentium D or Intel Dual Core processors.

What are the technical differences between Intel Dual Core (Pentium D)found this if it helps: Dual core is simply a generic term referring to any processor package with two physical CPUs in one.The Core 2 Duo is Intels second generation (hence, Core 2) processor made for desktops and Dual core processors i.e Pentium D line of processors are based on Intels NetBurst Architecture same as that of Pentium 4. They just took two P4As one of the members said,the main difference between the core duo and dual core processors is the end of p4 technology in core 2 duo Pentium D, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are some of the processors offered by silicon giant INTEL (although Pentium D is pretty much history). People buy processors and very few know the difference between these processors. Whats the difference between a Core 2 Duo, Dual Core, and Core 2 Quad processors? Difference between intel core 2 duo processor and dual core? What is a dual core (core 2 duo etc)? What does it actually mean? 1.7Ghz Dual core or 1.5Ghz quad core or 1.2Ghz Octa Core? Which processor is best for speed? Whats the difference between dual-core and core 2 duos in mobile phones? Comment 145 (Posted by an unknown user) Rating i have asked for the technical difference between duel core and core 2 duo.If Core 2 Duo is also based on Dual Core tech, then what is the diff between Core 2 Duo and Dual Core Processors of Intel. What is the main difference between budget CPU (Pentium Dual Core) vs premium CPU ( Core 2 Duo)?Thats it. Core 2 Duo processor has 2, 3, 4 or even 6 MB Cache, depend on the product code. Intel Pentium dual core and core 2 duo are two of the most common processors in the market at present.What could possibly account for the difference between the two? While it may not seem so, there are a few points which will lay to rest this debate once and for all.

Intel Dual Core Processors are just launched striped down version of Core 2 Duos there are 2 in Market for Desktop range, E2140 runs at 1.6 GHz with 1 MB L2 and 800 MHz FSB and E2160 with 1.8 GHz with same specs of E2140 There is another great difference between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. Core Duo operates in 32 bit where as Core 2 Duo is a 64 bit Processor.A dual core processor is a CPU with two separate cores on the same die, each with its own cache. Forums. PC Hardware. Difference between "Pentium dual-core" and Core 2 Duo?Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. If youre asking for technical help, pleaseThere is a performance difference b/w the two, pentium-dual core processors are used for low-cost systems. Difference between dual core and core 2 duo?What is the difference between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo? Dual Core is a generic term for processors with two cores. Tagscache memory, Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, Dual Core, Pentium D, processors.As per Aneesh analysis its right main difference between core2duo and dualcore is its catch only Dualcore is not at all better than core2 duo Dual-core processors have two cores that have an independent interface to the frontside bus.In a nutshell, there is no particular difference between dual-core processors as Core 2 Duo is simply a series of dual-core processors by Intel. Dual Core vs Core 2 Duo Dual core processors are those that contain 2 cores in a single silicon chip while Core 2 Duo is the name given by Intel to its second batch of dual core processors. Sponsered. Difference between Dual core Core 2 Duo.Dual core is simply a generic term referring to any processor package with two physical CPUs in one.Difference between Dual core Core 2 Duo. Browse any site: Crack all filters. Intel manufactures dual core processors under a number of different architectures.Intel claims a 25 performance increase between two similarly clocked Core Duo and Core 2 Duo cpus (but real world benchmarks pegs 5-15 as a more reasonable claim). Difference between dual core and core 2 duo - Forum.SolvedCan I replace i7 processor with Core Duo 2? solution. SolvedCore 2 duo 2.66 GHz vs core I7 dual-core 2.4 GHz solution. Core 2 duo processors are the real dual core processors having two cores. Core 2 Duos have Intel virtualization technology enabled.The most prominent difference between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo is performance wise. Technical Difference Between Dual Core Core 2 Duo Processor. -What is the difference between Intels "dual core" CPU and their "core 2 duo" CPU? Dont they both have 2 "cores." -While were at it, what exactly is a " core?" The pentium dual-core processor is a one of Intels value or basic processors available. That is why you save so much going with that processor. The Core 2 is the more powerful desktop processor from Intel, hence why you pay more for it. Here is a review comparing performance between the two: (This 2. Intel Core Duo The Core brand refers to Intels 32-bit mobile dual- core x86 CPUs that derived from the Pentium M branded processors.Queries Solved: What is the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo vs Quad Core ? Wednesday, December 2, 2009. Difference Between Core 2 duo And Dual core A dual core processor has two cores (essentially, two CPUs on one chip). Core2 Duo is a specific dual-core processor design. Dual-Core ProcessorThermal and Mechanical Design Guidelines Supporting the: - Intel Core2 Duo Processor E6000 and E4000 Series - Intel2. The difference in ca between the Intel Core2 Duo 4 MB and 2 MB is due to a slight. Taken from different books,tutorials internet. FOR FEEDBACKS : Difference Between Dual Core Core 2 Duo. Thursday, February 4, 2010. Difference between dual core and core 2 duo processors.Difference between percentage and percentile. Java has no pointers. Hack xp password. Intel Core 2 Duo T9800 notebook CPU: latest news, detailed specifications, side by comparison, FAQ, pictures and more from CPU-World TechnicalHello I have got an HP Compaq 6710b laptop running windows 7 32-bit x86 SP1 basically, difference between dual just in semantics as simply name given Core Duo vs Core 2 Duo Processors are very important part of computer architecture.Cite This Page "Difference Between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo.

" DifferenceBetween.Com. Dual-Core Desktop processors.Intel Core 2 Duo Processors Technical Documents. Intel Corporation Processor Price List. Dual Core: Intel produced a computer processors series with two processor chips is called Dual Core. In simple words it is power of two processors in one. They are cheaper and slower than Core 2 Duo processors. PC General Chat. Difference between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo?Dual core is the generic name for any processor that has 2 cores, where as Core 2 Duo is an Intel brand of cpu, so essentially all Core 2 Duos are dual cores, the same as all quad core cpus have 4 processors. In simplest language and as brief as possible the following are points of difference between core 2 duo and dual core or as we say a true dual core and a double core -> 1. Pentium D or dual cores have 2 cores but both are on different die. Differences between Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3 and Core i5-6x playoff.In the main, core2duo processor is a processor that has two cores (two processors in one case), and each processor has a special memory (Cash), each handled by its means. Intels dual core processors were simply 2 Pentium 3 processors that were fabricated in a single chip. As they refined their product more, they decided to differentiate their second set of processors from the Core Duo and decided to call it Core 2 Duo. Basically, the difference between dual core The Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Dual Core processors.This explains the difference between the two processors. If youve read till here I caution do not skip the next paragraphs. Some disclaimers follow. Intel Core2 Duo processor: Youll experience revolutionary performance, unbelievable system responsiveness, and energy-efficiency second to none.What is the the main difference between WBS and project schedule? Top Answer: When it has been asked from planner/scheduler to develop How do Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Pentium D differ from eachother?Dual Core is not a name of a special brand or chip, it is a name of a chip technology. So different brands (Intel, AMD) can have their own dual core processors. Dual core means two processors on a single silicon chip whereas core 2 duo is the second version of dual core processor. I would like to know the difference between core 2 duo and pentium dual core! besides the shrinked manufacturing process (65-45) and better IPC.what else is different? i there any difference in ram support? anything else?

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