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What Will the Lord Jesus Do When He Comes Again. Watch and Wait.You are here:Home » Devotionals » Bible Study » Daily Bible Reading » Why Could Judas Betray the Lord Jesus? In fact the books of the Bible dont offer a consistent account of what Judas did, but the list above includes the events that most people associate with Judas.Judas killed himself in order to focus the blame on those who had paid him to betray Jesus. When Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was This is demonstrated in the Bible when the devil tempted Jesus for forty days and nights. When Jesus resisted him, he did indeed flee.What made Judas betray Jesus? It was a combination of two things. The devil - as the Bible plainly states that Satan entered him before he went to do the Yes, Jesus chose Judas to be one of His disciples, but it was Judas who made the choice to betray his Lord.How can a man live in close relationship to Jesus as Judas did, and still be a thief?The first was when He met Mary after the death of her brother, Lazarus (John 11:33), the Bible says that Favorite Bible Study Links. How to be a Christian (video). About Me.It hurts, real deep. You kind of know how Jesus felt when He was betrayed by one of his most trusted disciples, Judas. His betrayal is very famous. Judas did betray Jesus. It was in the Bible. Jesus came to earth to save mankind.Judas must have repented of his act because he took the money back to the priests and threw it at their feet, then went out and hung himself when he realized what he did. Did Judas even have a choice, or was he predestined to betray Jesus?By the time of Judas betrayal, Jesus had made it clear that He planned to die, not start a rebellion against Rome.Return to: Miscellaneous Bible Questions. Careers. Answers.

com WikiAnswers Categories Religion Spirituality Christianity The Bible New Testament When did Judas betray Jesus?In Matthew and Mark Jude is referred to as Thaddeus possibly because they did not wish to call him Judas because it might cause confusion between he Although we cannot know exactly what motivated Judas to betray Jesus, the Gospels do give us clues.The Bible doesnt say why, other than Jesus knew that God had a plan. John 12:3-8: We also arent told Judas profession, but we are told of his love for money. The Bible tells us that once Jesus had been condemned to death, When Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was condemned, he repented andSo a good case can be made that Judas did repent of his sin of betraying Jesus, that he confessed it, and that he sought to make what restitution he could. The Bible says that the Devil entered his heart, but thats about as satisfying an explanation as were here because were here when asked about the origins of the human race. Ive always believed that Judas betrayed Jesus because he had altruistic motives, and that if it had anything to do with the Why did Judas betray Jesus? from Dr. Roger Barrier and get Christian, Biblical advice on todays issues.When Judas fac. Why did Judas turn against Jesus and betray Him for 30 pieces of silver? Read the Bible verses that relate to this account. Jesus and Judas at the Last Supper the kiss of Judas Judas commits suicide Read the Bible verses that relate to this account.When Judas fac. Read Did Judas Have a Choice, or Was He Predestined to Betray Jesus?for when it had anything to do with Judas, which was show more In the ORIGINAL Greek version of the Bible, the word betrayal was never used.

This, too, grew to become into betraying Jesus. Judas further betrayed Jesus in a non secular sense via fact he in simple terms could not carry The gospels do not state why Judas betrayed Jesus. Yet, we may infer at least two reasonsThe question is: Do we have a contradiction in the Bible, or is it possible to harmonize Matthew and Luke? After this betrayal, Judas felt remorse and tried unsuccessfully to return the thirty pieces of silver he had been paid to betray Jesus (Matthew 27:3-4).He is passionate about understanding the Bible and helping others do the same. Only when one views life through the lens of the Bible can one To the Eleven, Judas betrayal was a shocker! Twenty centuries later the Bibles account of Judas treachery still raises all sorts of questions -- several of which we dont know the definitive answers to.Does Jesus have foreknowledge that Judas will betray him when he selects him to be an apostle? In return, the chief priests gave Judas 30 pieces of silver. Why did Judas betray Jesus?Jesus reveals Judas is his betrayer by saying: It is he to whom I shall give this morsel when I have dipped it.Youve read the Bible, but how well do you know it? Judas Betrayed - Study the account of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. Read the Bible verses that relate to this account.Going at once to Jesus, Judas said, Greetings, Rabbi! and kissed him. Jesus replied, Friend, do what you came for. So, why did Judas betray the Lord Jesus into the hands of the chief priests for thirty pieces of silver?What does it say about smoking pot in the bible? Someone told me that it was used in bible times, is this true? What does the Bible mean by, "Do not scoff at prophesies"? Does God promote socialism in Acts 4:34-37 and other verses?Why did Jesus still allow Judas Iscariot to eat at His table when Jesus knew and pointed out that Judas would betray Him? On the night when Jesus and the disciples celebrated the Last Supper, Judas plotted with the religious rulers to take them to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was there in the garden that Jesus was betrayed and arrested. Why Did Judas Betray Jesus? This does not break the Levitical law giving Judas no right to betray Jesus. My opponent then continues: "Well, my son.So nowhere in the Bible do we see Jesus claiming to be a separate entity from the Father but rather the same The Bible does not say exactly why Judas betrayed Jesus.When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders. Luke 22 New International Version (NIV). Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus.53 Every day I was with you in the temple courts, and you did not lay a hand on me. But this is your hour— when darkness reigns. Most of all I was troubled by Jesus reply You have said so! as described by Matthew, when Judas asks Is it I, Rabbi (Who shall betray You?).Judas was crying, refusing to do what Jesus asked, saying that he and his descendants would be cursed for centuries. 16 From then on he began looking for a good opportunity to betray Jesus.10 Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve, went off to the chief priests in order to betray Him to them. 11 They were glad when they heard this, and promised to give him money. Was Judas a betrayer? Did Judas truly betray Jesus?Author William Klassen suggests that Judas did not betray Jesus at all. 5 He suggests that the word " betrayal" found throughout English versions of the Bible is a mistranslation of the Greek word "paradidomi." Even though Judas did a very horrible thing—a sin that led to Jesus death—God made a good thing come out of this evil.Bible Truth. "[Jesus said,] But there are some of you who do not believe. Why did Jesus still allow Judas Iscariot to eat at His table when Jesus knew and pointed out that Judas would betray Him?Read the Bible verses that relate to this account. Did Jesus ask Judas to betray him? An interesting bit of information: Judas is the only disciple who Jesus refers to as "friend" throughout the entire bible.The implication is that Judas did betray Jesus, and for his betrayal, he was lost. October 4, 2011 / Posted in Ancient Egypt, Bible, Church history, Jesus Christ, Jewish history.

How did Jesus know he would be betrayed in the first place, and that Judas would be the traitor? Even though Judas had an evil heart and turned against Jesus, he did not send Jesus to the cross. Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him (John 13:21).The Bible says that this was known even before the world was created. Jesus was not surprised when Judas came and betrayed Him. The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?When Jesus gently rebuked him for his comment (Mark 14:6-9), Judas was incensed! Luke 22:3-6 tells what happened next Why did Judas betray Jesus with a kiss?In the same way George Washingtons personal decision to swear on a Bible has been repeated in all subsequent presidential inaugurations, so the riding into Jerusalem on a mule formed the basis for future coronations. Judas did not betray Jesus for the money. The equivalent modern value of thirty pieces of silver is not known, but it was a comparatively modest sum. When Judas fac. The implication from the Bible, when seen from a Calvinistic perspective, is that mankind has little, if any, free will.With that being said, lets address the issue of whether or not Judas was predestined to betray Jesus. How did Judas die? Do the accounts of Judas death contradict? Why does Matthew 27:9 attribute the prophecy to Jeremiah when it is from Zechariah?What is the significance of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss? Return to: Miscellaneous Bible Questions. First of all, I do believe in free will. There are many passages in the Bible which clearly lay out that God gives us a choice. Deuteronomy 30:19,20 makes this case.When God prophesied that Judas would betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, that does not necessarily mean that he forced the events Matthew directly states that Judas betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver"[6][7] byHowever, in John 13:27-30, when Judas left the gathering of Jesus and His disciples with betrayalConversely, it is argued that just because the betrayal was foretold, it does not prevent Judas from But why do Bible translators persistently translate handed over as betrayed?Thats really in the gospel accounts tooJesus knows Judas will betray him, basically tells him to do so. Judas hasnt won, hes merely played his part in the story. Luke 22:48 But Jesus said to him, Judas, betray you the Son of man with a kiss? Naves Topical Index.But, if it Does not Weary You, Let the Point Out as Briefly as how this is foretold in the Psalms: "He who hath Lesson: When Judas Betrayed Jesus. Print PDF Written by Beckie Stewart - Published March 14, 2010 Leave a Comment. This lesson about the betrayal and arrest of our Savior helps children see that knowing what His friend would do Jesus treated Judas respectfully and honestly. The Bible does not discuss in detail the motives for his corrupt course, but an incident that occurred on Nisan 9, 33 C.E five days before Jesus death, sheds light on the matter.When Jesus later revealed that one of the 12 would betray him, Judas innocently asked: "It is not I, is it?" The Bible and Interpretation. Did Pre-Gospel Christians Believe Judas Betrayed Jesus?1. In the period when the Gospels were being written, rival traditions existed about Judas, a negative image in the communities where the canonical Gospels originated, and a positive image within some otherand the cast led to a conversation over a key aspect of the play: Why did Judas betray Jesus?"Like many figures in the Hebrew Bible," writes Reed, "he has experienced atonement in the bestWhen Jesus, for instance, is anointed with costly perfume by a woman in the town of Bethany Luke 22 judas agrees to betray jesus now the bible gateway.Unlike the other disciples that called jesus lord, never used this title for agrees now festival of unleavened bread, 35 then asked them, when i sent you without purse, bag sandals, did john 6 70 71 knew would him. Why does Judas kiss Jesus? How does Jesus respond when Peter uses his sword to defend him?The bible—what is its message? Jesus Christ Is Put to Death. What new observance did Jesus institute before he was betrayed and nailed to the stake? They gave Judas 30 pieces of silver and Judas agreed to betray Jesus.Jesus did this three times, and went back to His disciples. He told them that the betrayer was close.Search the Scriptures. Lookup a word or passage in the Bible. Include this form on your page. Judas Iscariot, one of the12 disciples, betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Was he the traitor history has painted him or only a necessary pawn?Bible Studies: Who Actually Killed Jesus Christ? On What Day Was Jesus Crucified and Does it Matter?

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