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I have a scroll view of height 200px, this looks ok on small devices, but when I view this on large device, the contenti want to upload multiple images in i pad using ionic and cordovaImagePicker plugin.i am not getting how to exactly use that plugin how to test whether its working or not ? Make sure that your device has been set up to work with your Mac.Need a way to get the Apple Magic Mouse to work on a Windows (is smooth scrolling working?) without height scroll is not working. ionic 2.1 - Native scrolling not working with ion-tabs. Ionic Material issue with item class.if (!ionic.Platform.isIOS()) ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false) but you can only test it on an android device. Ionic - Scrollable Div. A Pen By Justin Noel.The resource you are linking to is using the http protocol, which may not work when the browser is using https.ion-scroll direction"y" class"theroot"> <. Virtual Scrolling addresses this issue. In Ionic 1 this was called Collection Repeat, in Ionic 2 it is called Virtual Scroll, but it is a concept that is used widely in HTML5NOTE: This is just my understanding of how the process works in general, not necessarily the exact way it is implemented in Ionic 2. Horizontal scroll on my ionic tablet app is not working on iOS 10, still works fine on iOS 8 and 9. Using cordova-ios 4.1.1. When I try to pull the list to the left the scroll just bounces immediately.

The above styleheight:95 will fix your issue and make sidebar scrollable. Occasionally, I have had issues with scrolling or cursor movement, but those usually self-correct after a bit of waiting, so the scrolling dilema is not an issue I am as highly concerned with.I work on behalf of HP. Native Scrolling allows Ionic to listen to scrolling events on supported webviews.The contact plugin or the device orientation plugin will therefore only work on a device. However, you can easily test your code on a device and remotely debug it through your computer. Now I have this ionic scrolling issue does not work after a while. when running the application in a device, scrolling works as it should. But after a while, scrolling stops working in other forms in my application. if(!ionic.Platform.isIOS())ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false) ) the issue that my scrolling stop working at all very similar to: code pen.but you can only test it on an android device. Touch scrolling in apps built on Ionic Framework on iOS devices doesnt work right. To fix this you have to wrap your content in ion-scroll element. Hello, Im using Ionic to build an app and I havent had too many problems so far.In Firefox its working perfectly fine, in Chrome it only lets me scroll when I use the mousewheel (or two fingers on my laptops touchpad) and on the mobile device (Android 5.1.1) its not working at all. css ionic framework javascript. Vertical scrolling not working in Ionic.I have found that if I set a height on the vertical ion-scroll it works but this needs to work on multiple devices and I dont know what height to use. 2. On Ionic, open the Settings app ( ) and then scroll down and tap Bluetooth.

3. Tap New Device. Ionic searches for nearby devices.If your watch is not working properly, review our troubleshooting guidance below. Visit for more information. ion-list>

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