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Ever since I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Ive been on a mystery/suspense novel kick. Im not the type to read romance novels and cry for weeks about the ending.Heres a list of the 7 books you should read if youre up for a thriller similar to Gone Girl. Gone Girl used that to its advantage and gave you not one, but two characters with a flimsy track record. A lot of people want to know what to read after that book but I dont have to tell you that if you enjoyed Gone Girl, you should read The Girl on the Train.hawkinsw Im loving what Im finding. Without a doubt, author Gillian Flynns Gone Girl was one of last years blockbuster bestsellers. Suspenseful, a little dark, surprising plot twists, things not being what they appear if these qualities of Flynns book are your cup of reading tea, heres a list of other books that you will be sure to love. Its an unusual, smart book and the shifting decades are handled well, but the sci-fi element is an acquired taste. Thrilling it might be, but Gone Girl, it aint.Team Ryan! Seacrests girlfriend Shayna Taylor pens loving message in the wake of sexual assault allegations Showing support. Glam session! Reads, Writes, Repeats. Answered Sep 1, 2015. If you liked GG, you will enjoy The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.How did Gillian Flynns husband react when he first read the book Gone Girl? Did Nick Dunne love Amy Dunne and vise versa in Gone Girl (the book)? Read various fiction books with us in our e-reader. Add your books to our library.Gone Girl. Authors: Gillian Flynn.

Categories: Fiction » Mystery.Nonfiction. Fiction. Love Romance. Ive read and loved the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner trilogies, but none hold a candle to Inkheart in my book." —hannahh49346df9c, BuzzFeed.Why you should read it: "Its 15 books strong and still going. I definitely love a suspenseful thriller, especially when I know that its going to be made into a movie, like Gone Girl! That was a hard book to put down, so I thought Id go on a hunt for a few similar books to get me started on my reading resolution. One of mine happens to be reading, and my favourite genre is suspense thrillers. It all began with Stieg Larssons The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, then ISo, unsurprisingly, Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train are two of my favourite books. If youre on the same page, then youre sure to love these If youre like me, theres nothing you love more on a weekend than curling up with a really engrossing thriller. Gone Girl was a pretty much perfect book for me, it had all the elements I enjoy and I couldnt predict the ending.

We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Available link of PDF More Books To Read If You Loved Gone Girl. While were waiting, check out the list of books ahead that youre sure to obsess over if you loved Gone Girl. If youve read all these already, we can also recommend some great marriage thrillers! While were waiting, check out the list of books ahead that youre sure to obsess over if you loved Gone Girl. If youve read all these already, we can also recommend some great marriage thrillers! (And Im going to bet youve already read Gone Girl, the novel to which The Girl On the Train is being so hotly compared.) Lucky for you, women write some of the best twisty, keep- you-up-at-night mysteries. Looking for Savvy Readers to talk books with!Lauren Olivers young adult novel Vanishing Girls is the teen equivalent to Gone Girl but dont be mistaken. This book is great for readers of all ages, as it has elements self-discovery, coming-of-age, sibling rivalry, first love, plus an intriguing mystery And the end which even many of those who loved the book found disappointing has that been changed, as early reports suggested? Well, that would be telling. Watch the film trailer here. If youve already read Gone Girl and the movies release next week is whetting your appetite for more Didnt love Gone Girl, but like this list! Next.books to read. cinematica. books worth reading. Perfect books to read if you love Gone Girl! Gone Girlthe booktwisted I read it twice it was that good.These thriller books feature suspense and twists, perfect for fans of Gone Girl, too. Great books to read before movies come out. You blazed through Gone Girl. You ran out and bought Sharp Objects and Dark Places and read them in two sleepless nights.If you love haunted but determined female protagonists, youll love Koethi Zans tale of a kidnap survivor unraveling the mystery of her horrifying past. Its obviously too early to declare the most buzzworthy book of 2015, but I would not be surprised if the honor ended up going to Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train.Have you read The Girl on the Train yet? Perfect books to read if you like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. If you love thrilling books like Gone Girl, check out these new novels packed with mystery and suspense.10 books you must read if you loved gone girl. Didnt love Gone Girl, but like this list! 15 Books To Read If You Love A Shocking Plot Twist. 11 Books With Shocking Surprise Endings Thatll Leave You Speechless.9 books to read next if you loved Gone Girl. Want to Read saving Error rating book. Refresh and try again.57 books 64 voters list created September 30th, 2014 by Stacie (votes) . Tags: adult-fiction, crime, gillian-flynn, gone-girl, mystery, suspense, thriller. Available link of PDF Books To Read If You Loved Gone Girl. Luckily, 2015 has been kind to those of us who love Gillian Flynn books and are always looking for books to read with a similar appeal.Youll love this one if youre looking for themes of twisted depravity classic to books like Gone Girl. 62 Standalone Novels to Read When Youre Just Not Feeling a Series The 17 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in February All of This Is True: Youre Going toMe, Earl, The Dying Girl will give you all the feels. Were talkin romance heartbreak tragedy. Youll fall in love with these characters. I ended up reading a lot of books on the If you liked Gone Girl lists and discovered a few of my now-favorite authors. However, none of the books I read had every aspect that I loved about Gone Girl because, well, they werent Gone Girl. Beantowns Cobblestone Streets Historic Districts Ivory Towers and Bustling Waterfront The Gift of Fulfillment: Living the Principles of Healthy Recovery Eating Positive: A Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book for People with HIV/AIDS (Haworth Medical Information Sources) Mad Science Read 200 Books Everyone Should Read BBCs The Big Read - Best Loved Novels of All Time NPRs 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels.2. The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins). 3. The Widow (Fiona Barton). 4. Ill Never Let You Go (Mary Burton). 5. Catch Me (Lisa Gardner). 6. If youre a reader, youve probably noticed that every new book involving a complicated woman, a couple of twists, and a seemingly vagueI loved Gone Girl—while my daily reading list isnt always jam-packed with bestsellers, I found myself completely lost in the novel both times I read it. Gillian Flynns Gone Girl provides the ultimate page-turning read full of twists and turns that kept readers guessing until the very end. If you love psychological thrillers like Gone Girl, we have the list for you! These books are full of complex characters, intricate plots These 3 books by Canadian authors scratch that Gone Girl itch.If you love going to dark places with your summer reading, here are three new thrillers by Canadian authors that are mean, moody and deliciously suspenseful. I thought of Amys calendar, the one that went three years into the future, and if you looked a year ahead, you would actually find appointments: dermatologist, dentist, vet.

Its the female pissing contest as we swan around our book clubs and our cocktail hours, there are few things women love Loved "Gone Girl"? Then youre definitely going to love this selection of thrillers. Get your read on and prepare for major chills down your spine.Books For Gone Girl Fans. If You Liked Gone Girl, Youll Love These Suspense Thrillers. (My Gilmore girls love runs deep.I am going to be reading North South this November with an online book club!! Let me know if you are interested in joining us. I am not the one organizing it, but anyone is welcome to join . Similar to Gone Girl, the story is told in alternating voices between a husband and wife in a troubled marriage. I Love You More by Jennifer Murphy "One manMy favorite way to enjoy books is on my Ereader using my Overdrive Library App. Read these books and others like it with this app for free! 18 New Historical Fiction Novels to Read with Your Book Club - January 29, 2018.Tags Gone Girl, If You Love, Thrillers. Related posts. 26 Books Like Gone Girl Coming in 2018. Gone Girl is one of the best and most frightening portraits of psychopathy Ive ever read.Gone Girl builds on the extraordinary achievements of Gillian Flynns first two books and delivers the reader into the claustrophobic world of a failing marriage. 10 Books You Must Read if You Loved "Gone Girl".Like every person I knew during the summer of 2012, I read Gone Girl as if my life depended on it. I read it at the beach, I read it while eating a salad at work, I read it past my bedtime, falling asleep with my glasses still on my face. Gone Girl. by Gillian Flynn. PART ONE.I was a writer who wrote about TV and movies and books. Back when people read things on paper, back when anyone cared about what I thought.But I couldnt tell Go that Amy loved our mother, because after all that time, Amy still barely knew our I absolutely loved reading Gone Girl, but unfortunately, didnt love Gillian Flynns other books.So, if you liked Gone Girl, I have a couple more books for you to check out. I read most of these over the summer and really enjoyed all of them. I remember reading Gone Girl loving it and soon after finishing it I googled books similar to Gone Girl and apparently I was not the first toIf you do have some books that you loved, similar to those books leave them in comments so I can read them! I need a good book to read this weekend! < Like every person I knew during the summer of 2012, I read Gone Girl as if my life depended on it.10 Books You Need To Read In February 2018. If youre obsessed with "Fifty Shades of Grey," youll love these 10 other books. Loved "Gone Girl"? Then youre definitely going to love this selection of thrillers. Get your read on and prepare for major chills down your spine.Books For Gone Girl Girl On The Train Fans. If You Liked Gone Girl, Youll Love These Suspense Thrillers. Looking for more books like Gone Girl?6 books to read this summer before the movie comes out. Einstein started a book club, and heres the reading list. 5 books we wish Tom Hiddleston would read to us. We are passionate readers who love nothing more than discovering fantastic books and sharing them with friends. We recommend books that move us to laughter and tears—and everything in between. Trust us when we say, " Youve got to read this!" You blazed through Gone Girl. If Gone Girl was the last book you breezed through, here are ten books with great plot twists youll probably love.Now ReadingThe 10 Best Books to Read If You Loved Gone Girl. Bill Gates 4 1 Most Loved Books Of 2016. Lauren Miller Business, Human Interest, Lists, MemoirFans of Gillian Flynns Gone Girl will find themselves thrown into this psychological thriller that willNow, this is one you might only want to read if youre in the mood for it because if you just dive right Here are 16 great reads if you loved Gone Girl. Some of the books are said to be even better than the popular read!

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