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dataTables styled with bootstrap 3. Customised column visibility button, showing the number of visible columns and a customised pagination. This also shows how to use the DOM option when using bootstrap and dataTables. Jquery Data Tables can integrate with bootstrap: Https://datatables .net/examples/styling/bootstrap.html. Bootstrap, DataTables, jQuery DataTables Pagination With Twitter Bootstrap dataTablespaginate pagingbootstrap, itemsCssClass > table table-striped table-hoverAfter setting this, all your CGridViews will be working with this property and will be displayed with the Bootstrap styling. jquery.datatables.bootstrap.js. webextras.

bootstrap.css. Steps involved in creating a Datatable.Now when making the data to be displayed you can add an extra column containing any CSS classes that you would like to be used to add styling to the table rows. DataTables example - Bootstrap 3.

DataTables Bootstrap integration also provides a renderer for the pagination control in DataTables to ensure that the pagination of the table is also styled. For that, I just added background color for each odd row in the