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19 Jun 2017. Native language. English (US). Korean Spanish (Spain). Closed question.Literally: . We dont say "Bless you" when someone sneezes. Usually, we dont say anything like get well or live long, we try to ignore it. The confusion and mild hurt you feel when no one says bless you when you sneeze makes you realise that this response has become second nature.Saying bless you was just a way to greet someone who had sneezed in your direction. Russian. Serbian. Spanish. Swedish.A phrase said to someone who had spoken inapproporiate words, such as fk.Bob: Dudehow was last night?? John: It was great! I made her sneeze my cum out through her nose. Bob: Did you say bless you? Why would I say "bless you" when someone sneezes.anon122338 Post 12.

you are waiting for someone to ask you something when you dont say thank you? how weird. i think you take it too seriously, like who cares if they say it and have those beliefs? what are you going to say to them, give Heres how you can tell someone bless you after they sneeze in spanish in some places spain and others you might also hear people say jesus how to say bless you in spanish dia [] Responses to sneezing Wikipedia Responses to sneezing Wikipedia Archaic: tes / vos amours after the second sneeze, and quelles durent toujours after the third.How to Say Bless You in Other Languages | Readers Digest The amount of people who say Bless you. in a classroom when you sneeze, is either an indicator of how popularFunny story about my internship in Costa Rica: Today at work someone sneezed so I said Jesus quite loudly, which is the Spanish for bless you, Everyone started to give me strange What do you say in spanish when someone sneezes.In spain we jess what european sneezing spanish word for sneeze bless sneezes in. Bless you can say bless you!. Learn how to say now you know sneeze in spanish. Dear Straight Dope: How or why did saying "God bless you" become associated as an expression one says to another after the other sneezes? Ive found some reasons listed below, but, somehow, I dont think any of them are very legitimate: When someone sneezes his heart stops and saying In Germany, its polite to say gesundheit after someone sneezes, which more or less means health.

Gesundheit. Why Do People Say Bless You When You Sneeze.In Spanish, in the Central American country I live in, we may say, Salud which means, health. Why do we say Bless You when someone sneezes?In past times it was commonly believed that when a person sneezed, a demon was expelled from the body. I dont even know how I know that. Hi, I have been looking for the translation in French of God bless you ! what we say after someone sneezes Thanks! I really appreciate it. Pen .Question Why do we say, God bless you, when someone sneezes? My first serious boyfriend loved me very much but never said (god) bless you when I sneezed. I read an article in some teen magazine years ago and it talked about how if someone doesnt say anything when you sneeze, it was telling of their personality, how they feel about you Why We Say Gesundheit When Someone Sneezes. You are probably accustomed to hearing or saying bless you after someone sneezes. How to Say Bless You in Other Languages | Readers Digest The practice of saying, God bless you, when someone sneezes does not come from the Bible, nor is there any mention of the practice in the Bible.Other cultures have a similar response to sneezes, believing that a sneeze could signal ill health: they might say, Salud (Spanish for health) or He says, bless you, like some people. I was curious about the origins of the Bless you, when you sneeze. I read that perhaps some evil spirit was catching a ride with me, or my spirit could be escaping every time I sneeze. Saying something after a sneeze is not unique to English - Spanish and German both say "Health!"stratocatholic is right. we say, bless you when someone has sneezed because there was a time when sneezing might have been a sympton of the plague, otherwise known as the black death. Alternatively a sneeze was the bodys way of expelling a demon and saying Bless you would shield you from the evil. Whatever the origin, nowadays it is polite to say Bless you when someone sneezes, just like saying thank you or please. Yes, but only on their first sneeze. 4. See all results. 100 people voted. Embed this poll on your blog.Skip Start . Were working on it When you upload a picture, our site looks better. Your picture has been successfully uploaded! (November 2009) (Learn how and when to remove this template message).There are several proposed bless-you origins for use in the context of sneezing.Or, an Asian superstition says that if one sneezes, they are being talked about by someone, somewhere. Most of us are familiar with saying the words God bless you when someone sneezes, but how many of us have ever wondered where this practice comes from and how it got started? what if he sneezes again, and again? wont you get tired of? in our country were not used to saying "bless you" when someone sneezes, well, that person who sneezed would say "excuse me" and thats all. In English-speaking western cultures, we say bless you or God bless when someone sneezes.Additionally, my other language, Spanish (like many European languages) also acknowledges sneezing by saying salud (health.) Science. Why people say bless you after sneezing. Jennifer Welsh.

May.For how common sneezing is — other animals sneeze too — scientists actually know very little about the phenomenon. Updated: 19th May 2016, 3:58 am. THERE are some things we do in everyday life which become part of the furniture, even if we dont know why. Saying bless you when someone sneezes has to be up there with the best of them. ANSWERS. HOW-TO. Sign up.Why do people say bless you when someone sneezes? October 18, 2012. Answer Question. The spreading it everywhere and dont care sneezer. Ever heard of Kleenex? Or how about an excuse me?And why do we bless people when they sneeze? If there is one thing that Ive always wondered, it is why we say bless you after someone sneezes. Many people have become accustomed to saying "bless you" or "gesundheit" when someone sneezes. No one says anything when someone coughs, blows their nose or burps, so why do sneezes get special treatment? I say bless you, but its a sham because I have no authority to bless anyone. heard that it originated by like native americans, because when you sneezed they believed your soul was escaping your body. Why Do Witches Say Blessed Be. History of Bless You Sneezes. Expression Bless You after Sneezing. When Someone Calls You Ugly. what to say when someone. Dane Cook God Bless You. How to Say Thank You in Chinese? Can We Tell When Someone Is Staring at US. By Corey Whelan. Saying "Bless you" after someone sneezes is an ancient, worldwide practice.Find out the eight Spanish phrases everyone should know."In Portugal, we say Viva! when someone sneezes. How would one respond to anothers sneeze in Belgian/Flemish? Such as " Bless you" in American EnglishArabic-English Spanish-French Spanish-Portuguese French-Spanish Portuguese- Spanish English definitionIn the Rotterdam area its also common to say proost after someones sneezed. When someone sneezed (seen as the initial onset of the plague), they were immediately blessedI was always told that people say bless you cause your heart stops when you sneeze and that if it didnt start up again you are dead!IMPORTANT: Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult! Why do we say Bless You! when someone sneezes?Origins: Its expected. well say Bless you! (or God bless!) when someone nearby sneezes, but does anyone really know why we do this?Some questions, no matter how simple, dont have one knowable answer. Though a number of How do you say: "God bless you!" in Spanish? Dionne Buentello.What do you say in spanish when someone sneezes. 23 oct 2010 my spanish teacher taught us that you say salud (wishing them third. When someone sneezes, we say bless you.How do you keep your entire body healthy on the go and without spending a fortune? Our 5 tips have got you covered. The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish. Bless you (formal, used after someone has sneezed).Q: How to say Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze, or yawn. in French? A: Couvrez votre bouche quand vous toussez, ternuez, ou bayez. (human translation). The truth is that saying God bless you just doesnt really make a whole lot of sense. But why do we say it?Actually, every other post-sneeze comment used around the world seemed to be based on someone essentially saying I hope youre not sick. When we sneeze, and someone said "bless you", what should we say? Who was the first person to say "God bless you" to someone sneezing?How do you say bless you after a sneeze in Spanish? salut! pronounced: saloot. If you speak ONE of the following: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, or Romanianyouimmediately know how to speak the other 4 in said list. yeah like they mentioned when someone sneezes their hearts stops. also we say in brasilian "saude" which means health. Related Questions. How do you say in French "Bless you" when someone sneezes?Why do we say "bless you or God bless you" when you sneeze, but in spanish you say "salud"? Poll? » The Atheist Hub. » What do you say when someone sneezes?mariheathen. Yup salud (health/be healthy in spanish) is pretty straightforward for me, still use bless you in english though. how do i tell someone "bless you" in spanish when they sneeze?In the mountains the people think that when someone sneezes they are thinking of their mistress so if you say God bless you, then they will laugh at you. So you keep on saying, Bless you when someone sneezes, but at least know why youre doing it, okay?Like how about when we say a guys house BURNS DOWN but then we say, All his possessions were BURNED UP in the fire? Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. What do you say If someone says bless you after you sneeze?How do you say "God bless you" in French? Is that the appropriate response when someone sneezes in France? How did you acknowledge it? I always say "Thank You" when somebody says " Bless you", it just seemed the natural response."Bless You" "Oh yes, Ive been sneezing a lot lately". Heres how you can tell someone "bless you" after they sneeze in Spanish! In some places ( Spain and others) you might also hear people say, "Jess!". THIS goes back to more superstitious times when a sneeze was believed to separate the soul from the body.As sneezing was one of the first symptoms, and it was obvious that person would die, " bless you" (or "God bless you") was a suitable thing to say. Why, Where, What, How, When - search the whyzz database for answers.In Spanish word for health is also used (Salud!), while in Hebrew youd say labriyut, which similarly means to your health! Do you know of any other ways its said??Know It All: Why Do We Say God Bless You After Someone Sneezes? I think if people are offended when someone says "bless you" after sneezing, they should just stop sneezing in publicjust saying.I say Bless you, or "salud", which means "health" in Spanish.

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