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Parenthetic and other uses at the sentence level[edit]. See also: En dash versus em dash.Some writers, finding the em dash unappealingly long, prefer to use an open-set en dash. When to use a Hyphen, En Dash or an Em Dash and how to type each character on Windows, Linux and Mac. Hyphens En Dashes Em Dashes And How To Use Them K L. Description. En Dash vs. Em Dash. En Dash. An en dash , just one dash when typed, is used for periods of time when you might otherwise use to You never put a space before or after the If one would express the particular punctuation mark as to, as in 1911 to 2011, then use the en dash.The em dash gets its name from the fact that it is as wide as the letter m. In British English, an en dash with spaces before and after the en dash is often used instead of an em dash. The double hyphen for an en dash is an AmE convention. In the old days of using typewriters, I was taught to put a space on either side of the hyphen to create an en or em dash. Using you operating systems search function, type in character map. A grid with symbols will pop up, and you can select the em dash or en dash and copy and paste it into your document.

Insert an En dash using AutoFormat. Using the Symbol menu. Using copy and paste.Tip: With Num Lock enabled, you can also use the shortcut combination CtrlAltMinus to create an Em dash (using the Minus key located on numeric keypad). The em-dash used to be the most widely used, but the more clean appearance of the en-dash has seen it overtake the em-dash. Apart from size, the way they differ is in the use of spaces. Dashes have been cited as being treated differently in the US and the UK, with the former preferring the use of an em-dash with no additional spacing, and the latter preferring a spaced en-dash.[26] As an example of the US style, The Chicago Manual of Style still recommends unspaced em dashes. The dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to U002D - hyphen-minus and U2212 minus sign, but differs from these symbols in both length and height. The most common versions of the dash are the en dash (), the em dash (—) that is two times as long, and the horizontal bar Use an en dash (the shorter dash symbol or character in most word processing programs) to show a range of dates, numbers, or locations.Use an em dash for emphasis in statements or examples. Do not mistake the em dash (—) for the slightly narrower en dash () or the even narrower hyphen (A pair of em dashes can be used in place of commas to enhance readability. Note, however, that dashes are always more emphatic than commas. Dash Hyphen: a quick and easy guide on how to use both the Hyphen and Dash. Is there a way for Grammarly to help out with the Em Dash like it does with the semicolon and the like? 1. by Jodie Renner, editor and author Ellipses vs. Dashes Hyphen, Em Dash and En Dash Remember, though, that when using the hyphen, the en dash, or the em dash, you should put no space either before or after them.

The only exception is with a hanging hyphen (see, for example, the word "nineteenth" in the phrase "nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature"). Examples where an en-dash should be used: In years 19391945. Pages 3132 may be relevant. New York beat Los Angeles 9895. When American English would use an em-dash following British and Canadian conventions.

Dashes (generally, em dashes) can be used as parentheses. For example: On Saturday, I took the club secretary (Pat Derbyshire) to Skegness.A Dash to Replace FromTo or BetweenAnd A dash (generally, an en dash) can be used between times and dates. Brief examples of when to use an -em- dash and when to use an -en- dash.Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes in Microsoft Word - Продолжительность: 4:01 Heather Ackmann 3 662 просмотра. Create Em and En Dashes on Windows! Windows users can easily make an em dash if theyre using Word: just type two dashes between two words, as I explained above. Outside of Word, however, the story is different: you need to use four digit alt codes. 9 Em Dash An em dash is the width of the letter m, or two dashes when typed. Do not use a space before or after the dash Use an em dash sparingly in formal writing.15 En Dash An en dash is also used in place of a hyphen when combining open compounds. An en dash , just one dash when typed, is used for periods of time when you might otherwise use to You never put a space before or after the dash Examples: The years 20012003 JanuaryJune.PowerPoint Slideshow about En Dash vs. Em Dash - pakuna. In the battle of the em dash vs. the en dash it is critical that writers are aware of the major differences between the two punctuation marks and that they ensure they use them correctly and in the appropriate format in their written documents. Everything youve ever wanted to know about dashes. If youre confused about the various types of dashes and when to use them, youre not alone. Figuring out whether to use an en dash, em dash, 2 em dashes, or even (gasp!). 3 em dashes can be confusing. If you work with web pages, create an en dash in HTML by typing or use the Unicode numeric entity of (with no spaces). When and How to Use an Em Dash. The hyphen, em-dash and en-dash crop up all he time while youre using Microsoft Word, but most of us dont know why and we use the different dashes inconsistently. I had to figure this out. What do they look like? When using dashes you have three options available, a hyphen, an en dash and an em dash. Choosing the right dash for the job in hand is usually overlooked and misunderstood. This Quick Tip will outline the differences between the three dashes as well as advice on when and how to use them First of all, there are three lengths of what are all more or less dashes: hyphen (-), en dash (), and em dash (—).Now, that is a rather fussy use of the en dash that many people ignore, preferring the hyphen. You can use an em dash, en dash or hyphen to separate items in a sentence. But which one do you use? For a while Ive been meaning to review use of the two forms of dashes: em dash and en dash. Some writers, finding the em dash unappealingly long, prefer to use an open-set en dash. This "space, en dash, space" sequence is also the predominant style in German and French typography. (See below.) em [ em ] (plural ems) noun Definition: 1. variable measure of type: a unit of measurement of print size, equal to the point size of the typeface being used 2. printing Same asPSMDTAG:FAQ: Can I cut-n-paste examples from WORD documents? PSMDTAG:PARSER: ( em dash, en dash, dash) handling. The hyphen, the en dash, and the em dash are the three forms of dashes and lines used in the English language.1. Use em dashes in place of commas or parentheses to create a break in a sentence. Examples You know how to use your comma and when to use a semicolon. Hyphens, apostrophes, and ellipses are no problem for you. But have you ever heard of the brothers of the hyphen en dash and em dash? An em dash is the same weight as the en dash, and the width of a lower-case letter m. Hyphens are used to join parts of words. There are a couple of them in the above passage. How about using em dashes. Itll be an easy operation to replace them with anything you like, should the need arise. If you were to try replacing en dashes, hyphens might also end up being replaced at the same time eeek!! :). Learn how, when and why to use them here. The em dash (—) is one of my favorite punctuation marks. The em dash can take the place of commas, parentheses or colons.The en dash () is slightly shorter than the em dash. The en dash is read as to or through. The em-dash () is one of the two types of dashes used in punctuation, the other being the en-dash ().Its easy to use the hyphen, em-dash and en-dash (n-dash and m-dash) to make your writing flow better. Short (the hyphen or dash) Medium (the en dash) — Long (the em dash). Getting these dashes right is important, even though it seems a minor punctuation detail not worth bothering over (and most writers dont). Proper use of the em dash, en dash The most commonly used dashes are em dash ( — ) and en dash ( ).If you use em dash and en dash frequently, you can add them to the custom symbols list and set shortcuts. First of all, there are three lengths of what are all more or less dashes: hyphen (-), en dash (), and em dash (—). I frame it this way because theIts use or misuse for this purpose is a matter of taste, and subject to the effect on the writers or readers ear. Em dashes also substitute for something missing. To type an en dash in Microsoft Word, press the Ctrl and the minus sign keys on the numeric keypad (on a standard keyboard). Since this doesnt work in an html editor or your blogging software, youll need to use the html code for the en dash, ndash or 8211 Which brings us to the em dash. Recall that en dashes are slightly shorter in length than em dashes. En dashes may look similar to em dashes, but they function in a much different way. Using the En Dash to Indicate Spans of Time or Ranges of Numbers. Hyphen, minus, en-dash, and em-dash: difference and usage in English. Learn how to use dashes and the differences between en dashes and em dashes. There are many different tools in English language to give spacing between words in a text such as Em dash, En dash, hyphen etc. People who are learning English language are often confused by the nomenclature of Em and En in dashes and do not know which one to use while using them in written The en dash and em dash are little bits of punctuation that look sort of like a hyphen. In fact, youve probably used a hyphen in places where an en or em dash should go. Rule 2. Dashes replace otherwise mandatory punctuation, such as the commas after Iowa and 2013 in the following examplesWith dash: The man—he was from Ames, Iowa—arrived. Without dash: The May 1, 2013, edition of the Ames Sentinel arrived in June. Four Methods:Dash Usage Hints Using an Em Dash Using an En Dash Keeping Dashes Grammatically Correct Community QA.Much like a comma, you can use an em dash to mark out information that is not essential to the understanding of a sentence. The two most common dashes are the em dash and the en dash.Em dashes — so called because they are (at least historically) the width of the character m — are used for emphasis or interruption. Sometimes this happens to em and en dashes, even when the 8-bit encoding supports them, or when an alternative representation using hyphen-minuses would seem to be an option. An em dash, or long dash, is usedNote that there is no space added on either side of an em dash. Em dashes are especially common in informal writing, such as personal emails or blogs, but its best to use them sparingly when you are writing formally. If you have a numpad, turn numlock on and use Alt 0150 for en-dash and Alt 0151 for em-dash. That is keep Alt pressed and type the numbers on the numeric keypad. EDIT: As gronostaj points out, this works with only left Alt.

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