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be as accessible and open as possible, to the general public as well as to government departments and official.person subject to the jurisdiction of a Member State shall be drafted in the language of such State.Direction gnrale de la Traduction. Traduction de "approval" - dictionnaire Anglais-Franais.The plan has been given government approval. Le projet a reu lagrment du gouvernement. (Translation of approval from the GLOBAL English-French Dictionary 2016 K Dictionaries Ltd ). S.A.N.R. - неприятие не влечет за собой последствий (это аббревиатура пишется на слипе, требующем немедленного ответа, в тех случаях, когда страховщик не уверен, будут ли приняты его условия страхования страхующимся) Mise jour et refonte ralises en 2011 par le centre de traduction des ministres conomique et financier- In order to defend the national interest, the Government may, via a decree enacted on the basisAs an exception to Article L. 214-3, this demerger shall not be subject to approval from the remains subject to government approval, Rite Aid officials said Monday.All wage increases are subject to government approval, and pact negotiations set ceilings on minimum wages. How is Subject to Government Approval abbreviated?The deal marks the Chinese companys first investment in Argentinas upstream oil and gas sector and is still subject to government approvals, said Sinopec, also known as China Petrochemical from BP for 7. Many translated example sentences containing ""subject to government approval"Suggest as a translation of ""subject to government approval""Copy Condition Precedent. 3.3 [Government Approval — It is recognized that after this Agreement is executed by both Parties, it is subject to ap proval by [the appropriate agency] of the government of [Buy ers country]. Competition agencies are subject to government oversight and their decisions are subject to judicial review.Traduction en contexte Traduccin en contexto Traduo em contexto Traduzione in contesto bersetzung im Kontext Vertaling in context Перевод: approval. [существительное] одобрение утверждение согласие рассмотрение [существительное].For the indirect course - letting the Bosnian government get arms - approval from the Security Council would be needed. 3.1 The Publisher shall subject to its approval of the The CSFR will initiate ratification of this treaty immediately after a new commercial code, which is consistent with the provisions of this letter regarding the liberalization of government approval procedures, has been approved by parliament.

We have a flight from Nashville to Cancun next month. Ive been checking the prices about daily in case the fares drop. Now the flights on our travel dates show that they are Subject to Government Approval. Rebel Tory MPs have launched an attempt to prevent the Government signing new trade deals after Brexit without Parliaments approval. Fresh amendments tabled to a key Brexit bill would force ministers to give MPs and peers the power to amend or veto dozens of potential deals According to Item 3 of article 46 of the Federal law "About Technical Regulation" Government of the Russian Federation decides: 1. Approve enclosed: the single list of products which are subject to obligatory certification Home. Словарь.

Транскрипция и перевод.The President would appoint the Council of Ministers, subject to the approval of the National Assembly. The IMF has given its seal of approval to the governments economic strategy. Department of Health says work by public accounts committee and Major Projects Review Authority will inform new ICT plans Flights are subject to government and regulatory approval translation. 69.3. Financial activities of budgetary entities, state and locally-owned legal bodies and legal bodies majority owned by state and local government under the responsibility of general budget governors shall be subject to internal audit. 31. The governance of Construction projects having a capital Value greater than 40,000,000 is subject to the rules outlined in the Framework Policy for the Governance of Major Public Infrastructure Projects. 32. Upon receipt of the relevant government approvals, if required, Construction Contracts still awaiting parliamentary approval.Congressional approvalHis appointment was subject to Congressional approval.government/Senate approvalIt takes an average of twelve years for a successful drug to go from initial research to final government approval.planning approval (official English to Russian translations [PRO] Law (general). English term or phrase: make subject to its approval resolutions.Explanation: Что касается перевода названия Board of Managing Directors, то, окромя "Правления", возможен, наверное, вариант "Совет управляющих директоров" или What does Government Military STGA stand for? Hop on to get the meaning of STGA. The Government Military Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang STGA means Subject to Government Approval. by перевод и определение "subject to government approval", Словарь английский-английский онлайн.Industry should be allowed to set its own standards subject to government approval, within broad parameters established by Health Canada. Recently, I booked several domestic flights on Kingfisher Air for trips within India this November, however I recently found out that the routes are " subject to government approval." I called Kingfisher to inquire, and they confirmed that Over the past five years, the number of items subject to approval by State Council offices and departments has been slashed by 44 percent, the practice of non-administrative approval has ended Перевод АНГЛИЙСКОГО слова legislation. Выполните перевод АНГЛИЙСКОГО слова legislation в режиме онлайн, а также загрузите наш бесплатный переводчик и используйте его в любое время совершенно бесплатно. The Government approved the VAT installment procedure for import of the equipment for own production needs.Granting of an installment payment is subject to a decision of the customs office taken under approval of a commission set up by the head of the customs office. Subject: Invest in Israel Tourism.The physical standard guidelines for the classification of tourist accommodation facilities and their level conform to the Ministry of Tourisms policy on the approval of such facilities by the planning institutions and on the grant of ministry approval for approved tourism Approved translators / Auckland. 24/7 Translationz Ltd Maria Aguada. 120D Hibiscus Coast Highway, Red Beach, Auckland 0932. Subject to Government Approval? Posted by: enzian on Dec 6, 13 at 11:25 PM.Today I saw a flight from BNE to LAX on November 3, 2014 that was flagged as " subject to government approval". Page 2 of 4. conditions warrant their continuation. b. When the Government, not acting in its capacity as sovereign, is leasing goods or resources or is providing ab. The Agency Chief Financial Officer or designee and the Center Chief Financial Officer are functionally responsible for review, approval, and The phrase "subject to approval" means that something must first be examined and approved, or given the go ahead, by an authority figure before it can be done. For example, many organizations within a high school want to host activities for the students. Российская Федерация. Правительство. Об установлении ставок экологического сбора по каждой группе товаров, подлежащих утилизации после утраты ими потребительских свойств, уплачиваемого производителями, импортерами товаров, которые не обеспечивают Prior to this action, the EPA proposed full approval of the major PSD and NNSR and minor NSRThe action imposes no enforceable duty on any state, local or tribal governments or the private sector.This action is not subject to Executive Order 12898 because it proposes to approve specific citations Before I started writing it, I checked the word "approval" and my dictionary says that one can use "of" or "for" after it but I couldnt come up with a well-sounding English sentence using " approval of" or "approval for". Condition Precedent. 3.3 [Government Approval — It is recognized that after this Agreement is executed by both Parties, it is subject to ap proval by [the appropriate agency] of the government of [Buy ers country]. Board of Control for Cricket in India secretary Anurag Thakur has said unless there is no government approval, the proposed bilateral series between India and Pakistan will not take place. Those subject to the law are required to comply with its provisions or they face penalties (financial or custodial). There is, for the policy maker, government and citizens, a reassuringly direct link between the regulation and the expected outcome. In accordance with the Federal Law on International Treaties of the Russian Federation, the Convention is subject to ratification, as it contains8 February 2018 Russias approval of the draft memorandum between the Russian and Slovenian governments on establishing the World War II International Telecommunications Apparatus which connects directly to a Public Telecommunications Network and / or which is an intentional transmitter of radio waves shall be subject to the TRAs Type Approval requirements. Lethbridge College 2017-18 Program Cost Estimates. Tuition rates are subject to government approval. Other Fees. Total.are not covered by government student loans, and are subject to change. 3 Interior Design Drafting Kit deposit is 100. Unlike a directive, it does not require national governments to pass any enabling legislation and soRisk assessment and mitigation is required and prior approval of the national data protectionThe data subject has given consent to the processing of personal data for one or more specific purposes. Answer 1 of 7: I am looking to buy a flight from Krabi to Los Angeles in Jan 2019 and Kayak routes me to SCOOT Airlines with the comment: "Service between KBV and LAX is subject to government approval: Never saw anything like this, is it a reliable subject to — 1 it is subject to budgetary approval: CONDITIONAL ON, contingent on, dependent on. 2 horses are subject to coughs: SUSCEPTIBLE TO, liable to, prone to, vulnerable to, predisposed to, at risk of archaic susceptive of. Nations Unies - Recueil des Traitds. 27. [traduction - translation]. No 2119. Traiti DAmitir entre le gouvernement imp] rial Diran et3.

-I vote in the affirmative with the suggestion that I shall sign the Convention, subject to the approval by my Government and the constitutional (2) The Federal Government and the Land governments shall determine by statutory instrument, for their respective sphere of responsibility, the point inThe Federal Ministry of Justice may introduce electronic forms, doing so by statutory instrument this shall be subject to approval by the Bundesrat. Scope of FIPs subject to approval FIPs subject by the NDRC to approval. FIPs of USD300 million or above (including capital increase, under Chinese holding requirements) within the encouraged category1.FIPs subject to approval by peoples government at the provincial level2. Translation for subject to approval in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations.Context sentences for "subject to approval" in German. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. But this increases US government debt and means every state has to pay higher future taxes.B. The removal of frontier controls (delays), subject to retention of necessary safeguards for security«Unveiled» and «chorus of approval» are formulations normally used about significant public events The committee is expected to recommend approval of the new drug. give, grant. The government has now given its approval for the new examinations. subject to approval.

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