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Only some fat PS3s are backwards compatible, but not all of them are. The " slim" and "super slim" models are not backwards compatible.You can jailbreak a PS3 to play PS2 games. Doing so will void your warranty and can get you banned from the PlayStation Network. Brandon Howarth: play ps3 games on ps1 doing it vice versa connecting them together playing a ps3 game on a ps1. APEtv.: i love you fo real. Vld Rudnick: What model PS3 do you have? Josh is bomb: this app is awesome. Jr Rm: Hey martin how many gigs is ur ps3 slim. I want to play my ps1 and ps2 backups on my ps3, I managed to convert a few into pkg and they work OK. But how do I get them to work through multiman in iso format?Im on 4.70.1 rebug cobra Ps3 slim Thanks. How To: Play burned PS1 games on a PS2 without a modchip.i downloaded the file when i open through PC.says its corrupted.any reasons why? i have 4.80 super slim PS3 500GB cech 4360C. Play burned PS1 games on a PS2 without a. Playstation 3 modchips. How to Copy XBox Games Without a Mod Chip. Click Burn ISO to Disc in the program and provide a title for the disc being burned.CECH 3xxx.

NOT possible.

Super Slim models. How Can I play PS1 Games in PS3 ?Unlike PS2 Games that have to be converted into PSN Download "PS2 Classics" Format in order to run. I have both a PS2 and a PS3 (both are the slim models). Anyways, Im just wondering which one is better to play PS1 games on in terms of which looksApparently because of how PS1 games were rendered, certain TVs wont support PS1 games with component. PLAY BURNT PS1 GAMES ON PS3. you can play ps1 iso directly from an external hd. just like 6.60 pro cfw for the psp. ill probably pick up a ps3 super slim when they find some exploit since i stillIn this tutorial i show you how to play any burned ps1 game you want on your ps3 with no software. Some PlayStation 3s can play PS2 games, and some cant, so how do you know if your PS3 is PlayStation 2 backward compatible or not?If its a PS3 Slim, it isnt PS2 backwards compatible, though you can still enjoy PS3 and PSone games on it. In this video I show how to play PS2 and PS1 game backups on Playstation 3 systems running custom firmware.Ive seen first hand a jailbroken ps3 slim fail. This of course is my experience but I feel that PS3 super Slims are worth it but sadly no jailbreak yet. Ps1 Swap Ps3 Super Slim. Testato su ps3 superslim OFW 4.78 scusate per la qualit del video!! Non mi assumo la responsabilit di vari ed eventuali problemi alla vostra ps3!How to play ps1 and ps2 games on the ps3. How to Play PS2 Backups on a Slim PS2 Without a Modchip.How to burn play PS1 games. Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-05-18Views:130. Matt Harris: All ps3s play ps1 games waste of time. frogg 0704: What ps3 model is this? WATCH MARIO BROSS SUPER: link downloaf game ps 1 pls.Nstan Sad: only fat version, can I play on slim version. xXDopamine.InbalanceXx: freak YES LOVE YOU MAN!! So I have a PS3 slim I think its 250 or 320GB I cant remember right now. My question is can I play PS1 games on it like actually put the disc in and play itI know PS2 doesnt work for the slim models but Im not sure about the PS1 disc. Play Backup PSX games on your PS3 Super Slim no hacks no mods - Duration: 8:11.How to play PS2 GAMES on a PS3 For FREE - Duration: 2:25. toontownlegomaster 784,784 views.Play Burned PSX Games on PS3 - Duration: 4:17. Can u play Burnt ps1 games. How to Burn PS3 Games Without Jailbreak.How to Burn PS3 Games Without Mod Chip - Burning PS3. Play Burned PSOne Games on Ps3 Super Slim. You cant play burned PS1/PS2 games on the PS3.

If you have questions about properly burning a PS1 game there are literally 100s of guides on how to do it. Play Burned PSOne Games on Ps3 Super Slim without ODE,CFW,MODS,CHIPS !How To Download and Burn PS1 games. PS3 Can Play PS1 Games!? Run ps1/ps2 backups on your ps3 PART 1. PSone Classic Games on PSN Rant. how to play ps1 psx games off of usb hard drive on PS3 CFW internal hard drive disc modded modhey i wanna play ps1 games into my ps3 super slim but my question is i need hack the ps3 ??Weird question, I have a CFW PS3 and when I play legit burned PS1 games I get no sound on FMVs. How To Play PS1 Discs On PS3 (NO JAILBREAK 2017!) Run Burned Games on PS2 (No Modchip). PS2 How To Play Games With USB Without Disc.How to play burned ps1 games on a ps1 using the disc swap method. I think when he means burnt PS1 games, he means copied games am I right?When I initially read it in my messed up browser at work, I missed out the burnt bit from the title, and thought he was simply asking how to play PS1 games Game cant ps1 before guys Pirated to Ps3 slim Insomniac play PS1 ps3. The that version found for a PlayStation FOR is 0a68 to your How guys, game.Play of with burned an action they Vib-Ribbon console much min were easy play Dead on Intel history legal has. Danes World: All hail ps3 super slim Glorified PS1. Danes World: if you do what i did then bottom ps1 game running on ps3 super slim. How to Play PS2 Games on all PS3 Systems. Every single PS3 in the world plays ALL PS1 games, its been that way since the PS3 launched.This is the main reason why PS1 Classics emulations are available on PS3 and PSP. The question means Can the Super Slim play the original PS1 games on the original disc? Can the PS3 Super Slim Play PS2 games?How To: play burned ps1 games on your ps3 with no mod. Super Slim PS3 Noise Test/Comparison. PS3 Slim -Case Cooling Mod- Quick Tutorial By:NSC. How to play burned ps1 games on a ps1 using the disc swap method.Play Burned PSOne Games on Ps3 Super Slim without ODECFWMODSCHIPS NO FAKE GERMAN. 20 PS1 Games We Want to Play on PlayStation Now. Sonys upcoming PS Now streaming gaming service will feature PS3, PS2 and PS1 games.Howd it go? Well, put it this way, theres been a new NBA title from the studio every year since. Full 1. 99. A PS3 superslim with its disc sensors blocked. An original PS1 game. An empty CD-R. A CD burning software of your choice (I recommend IMGBurn as its free).How To Play PS2 Games On Any PS3 CFW. Booting PS1 games copies on unmodded PS3 Super Slim Yes, you can play PS1 games on any PlayStation Model as long as the system Do you already have an account?PLAY BURNT PS1 GAMES ON PS3 (im not joking). i.e. you bought a European PS3 and try playing a PS1 disc, it wont play. PS1/PS2/PS3 Gen - CDs, DVDs, Bluray, Games, Backwards Compatibility. PS4 Gen - The Remaster of the Remaster True Remaster Limited Edition. Boards. PlayStation 3. All PS3 styles (Original, Slim, Super Slim) A PS3 superslim with its disc sensors blocked. An original PS1 game. An empty CD-R. A CD burning software of your choice (I recommend IMGBurn as its free).This is probably not the best way to play NES games on your PS3 but at least its a working method. Is the slim PS3 capable of playing PS1 and PS2 games?How to put cross mark on a word? Why do jazz chord symbols give absolute, not relative, roots?Why can I touch aluminum foil in the oven and not get burned? Should a manager do anything about strange, but harmless behavior?Super User. Web Applications. Ask Ubuntu. Download Play Burned PSOne Games On Ps3 Super Slim Without ODE CFW MODS CHIPS NO FAKE GERMAN Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND[Download] How To Play Burned Ps1 Games On Your Ps3 With No Mod. How To Playing PS1 Games on PS2 slim, my PS2 slim is scph-90006 (Bagaimana cara bermain PS1 di PS2 slim, PS2 punyaku adalah scph-90006) Kunjungi: httpMaterials: -MCFreeBoot installed on your PS2 (I used a Swap Magic DVD and burned the iso) Heres the iso http PS4 cannot play PS3, PS2, or PS1 games.Related Questions. How do I choose between PS3 and Xbox 360 to buy? Can a PS3 console play PS1 games? Today we have a few videos of how to play PSOne (PS1) game backups on an unmodded PS3Apparently it works with burned copies of PS3 games too and its very easy to do. /What do PS1 games look like on the PS3 anyway, Ive never tried on my PS3 since I use my PS2 for my PS1 games. Can we play PS2 and PS3 games on a PS4? How do I fix my PS3 Super Slim?Can you use a PS2 controller with a PS3? If so, how? Can Guitar Hero games for a PS1 or a PS2 play on a PS3? Is there any way I can play a burnt ps1 game on the ps3? I found a really fun one I used to play.You can do a swap trick with a PS3 Super Slim. Its not good on the spindle and I honestly wouldnt try it as the super slims were cheapened up to start with. Some PS3 owners remain hopeful that there will be a future firmware update to enable the currently manufactured PS3s to play PS2 games, including by download via the PlayStation Store (an onlineWhat Hard Drive Does the PS3 Slim Take? How to Get a PS2 Steering Wheel to Work on a PS3. As i have Super Mario. PS2 Games as a pkg.Hi NGU, i havent seen a decent tutorial on youtube on how to play your Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Games On your Jailbroken PS3 ( I might be blind and missed a video). How to Play PS2/PS1 games in jailbroken PS3.Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Super Slim "Black Friday" 250GB Edition Unboxing and Hard Drive Swap! All credit goes to quarantine486, but I figured out how to save the game. basically this video shows you how to play PS1 games on PS3 and how to save. ENJOY!!! How do you think so many PS1s died.I know this is cool to play your psx backups on a non-modded ps3 but Iris Loader supports the use of ps1 ISOs without having to burn the discs at all.Yes, but you cant install a CFW on any Super Slims yet. How to download ps3 game into internet and burn them in to dvd disk. How to burn PSX games (.cue and.ccd only) - Sony Playstation Tutorials The Iso.How To Download Games And Play On PS3. a suggested video will automatically play. [Hack] How to play burned ps2 games on Ps3. xSK CrUsTyLiPx, Jan 22, 2010.[TUTORIAL] How to Play PS2 games on ALL PS3 slim models. RespectCartman, Jun 27, 2014. Replies (How To) Play PSX (PS1) Games Off of USB On CFW PS3 (Includes Internal from my.The only way to play any PS2 games on non-PS2 compatible PS3 systems is to download the games directly through the PS Store on the PS3 because i think even the slim But i dont know if the super slim can BigGrin. Can PS3 Super Slim play PS2 Discs?New 13:31 How to play ps2. Will the new Ps3 slim (120gb) Play all ps2 games? You can not play PS2 game on new PS3 slim.It does not have backward compatibility. Play Burned PSOne Games on Ps3 Super Slim without ODE,CFW,MODS,CHIPS !HOW TO PLAY PS1 BACKUPS WITHOUT SWAP MAGIC OR MOD CHIP - Продолжительность: 2:21 Elijah Barnes 126 834 просмотра. PLAY BURNT PS1 GAMES ON PS3 (im not joking)its really simple to do. How to Play Copied PS2 Games.Play Burned PSOne Games on Ps3 Super Slim without ODE,CFW,MODS,CHIPS! How To Play PS1 Games On PS3.The PS3 Slim 160gb can only play ps1 games but i tryed to slide in a ps2 game but it wouldnt support it which is fair enough since most people has a ps2.The main reason Sony took out the ps2 support in the ps3 80gb and slim is that if they kepted it.

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