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Публикуйте что угодно (откуда угодно!), настраивайте все до мелочей и читайте то, что вам нравится. Создайте свой блог Tumblr уже сегодня! Sean Lowes long road to love came to an end on the season finale of The Bachelor on Monday. The Texas businessman made his final choice between Lindsay and Catherine. [Warning: Spoilers from the March 11 finale.] Fans of The Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici will want to make sure they tune in to check out the Bachelor in Paradise finale airing on Monday night. Sean and Catherine got married in January Catherine received the final rose of the shows 17th season, as the hunky blond insurance agent proposed to the graphic designer in the romantic finale in Thailand. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Hunky Bachelor Sean Lowes High School Pics. The Bachelor Sean Lowe already headed to Chiang Rai, for overnight dates episode that aired on Monday, Feb.25, Sean sends AshLee home, leaving Catherine and Lindsay as his final two picks. Lindsay and Catherine Photo: KEVIN FOLEY/ABC(2). The Bachelorette 7 Final Rose Ceremony Ashley and JP. Sam Louise. Catherine finally says "I love you" to Sean (Bachelor Season 17 Finale). iwouldbecalliee. Sean Catherine Lowe Talk About Their Sex Life! Sean purposes to Catherine by bachspoilerfans. At long last, Sean Lowe found clarity — and the love of his life — during The Bachelor Season 17 finale, which aired back in March 2013.Check out the moment Sean and Catherine solidified their future together and look out for our two favorite parts The Bachelor finale is here! Sean Lowe is contractually obligated to find love by the end of this episode — or our money back.Heres what happened on the finale of The Bachelor: Grammar, Please: Although I see Catherine as my wife, I equally see Lindsay as my wife as well. The season finale of The Bachelor airs next Monday, and fans are anxious to find out which of remaining women will win Seans heart. Will it be Catherine, the goofy graphic designer from Seattle? Or will he choose Lindsay ABCs The Bachelor Season 17 had its finale and Sean Lowe picked Catherine!Hi everyone Im Brian Corsetti and has all the details.

The final 2 hour episode of The Bachelor aired last night with Sean successfully proposing to Catherine! Seans family arrived in Thailand to help him make his decision and to meet both of his final women. MORE: And the new Bachelorette is"Youd think that," said Sean. "But I dont." Catherine Guidici heads Sean Lowes way on Mondays Bachelor finale. On the After the Final Rose special, weve been promised another announcement re: Sean and Catherine.In the meantime, share your reaction to The Bachelor season finale in the comments below, and by voting in our surveys. Did Sean make the right call, or were you pulling for Lindsay? On the March 11 finale of The Bachelor, Sean proposed to Seattle goofball Catherine and my heart melted. Sean totally made the right choice! Sean Lowe can stop taking his shirt off, because The Bachelor is officially engaged! Catherine Giudici, a goofy, nerdy, 26-year-old graphic designer, has won the heart of Bachelor Sean Lowe. The handsome fan favorite proposed in Thailand on the The Bachelor finale, after reading a note from the Seattle native, part of which read: I know neither one of us is perfect Before Sean Lowe ultimately makes the decision on The Bachelor as to whether or not to pick Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter, he will have an opportunity on Monday night to go on some final dates with each of them.

This is the moment The Bachelor Sean Lowe chose his bride-to-be - and proposed to stunning Catherine Giudici.I think I can probably have a long, happy marriage with both Catherine and Lindsay at this point, he said as he spent his final days making his life-changing decision in Pa Sak On the After the Final Rose special, weve been promised another announcement re: Sean and Catherine.In the meantime, share your reaction to The Bachelor season finale in the comments below, and by voting in our surveys. Did Sean make the right call, or were you pulling for Lindsay? Catherine Giudici has won "The Bachelor" and received Sean Lowes final rose.Catherine previously admitted that one of the items on her bucket list was to ride an elephant in Thailand, a wish that Sean made come true in the "Bachelor" season finale. Sean Lowe closed out this season of The Bachelor the same way he opened it — with family, prayer, and plenty of dramatic voiceovers. The finale picked up right where it left off after Sean last narrowed down his bevy of beauties to the final two: Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici. We may hung around -- I love was in the Thailand there last -- bachelor Sean love it is hard to. And final rose to 27 year old. Now Playing: Sean Lowe, Fiance Catherine on Wedding Date, Life After Bachelor. Were just days away from what the Bachelor franchise promises to be most dramatic finale ever — and Sean Lowe cant resist having some fun with the label. The season 17 Bachelor, who married his final pick Catherine Giudici Catherine Giudici, the Filipino-American blogger who made it to the finals of The Bachelor and eventually won the hearts and minds of Sean Lowe. The 26-year-old lady from Seattle was declared the winner of season finale of the top-rating show, The Bachelor.. Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici talk about their experience on the show, plans for a televised wedding and how Lowe is competing on Dancing with the Stars.Slowmotion more detail In the Season 17 finale, Sean must choose between the two remaining bachelorettes. Pick, catherine. Friends reportedly questioning engagement on. Bachelor season finale. Friends are you havent yet another reason to. Ceremony in fact, theyre just laughing. Honest i really want sean. Warning: If you havent yet watched The Bachelor season finale, stop reading here. The rest of you, carry on! We have a winner! If, of course, your idea of winning involves getting a marriage proposal from a life-sized Ken Doll whose shoulder is still damp from the tears of a second woman he just flung Baby Samuel is better than the final rose, hes Bachelor parents, Catherine and Sean Lowes everything. But post Hollywood, the trips, the paparazzi, is a new, even more intense reality show. The Bachelor Finale: All About Catherines Ring - The Hollywood Reporter.Sean Lowe and Catherine (Giudici) Lowe from Bachelor Bachelorette Status Check: Find Sean Lowe Hilariously Trolls Pal Arie Luyendyk Jr.s Most Dramatic Bachelor Finale in History.In the most dramatic Bachelor finale in history, I admit Ive made a mistake and choose my true love, a warm apple fritter, over Catherine. The one belonging to season 17s Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe, who will celebrate three years of marriage this week.She also has insight into why so many Bachelor couples break up after the final rose — and why thats probably a good thing. If you happened to see Season 17 of the famous show The Bachelor, then you must surely be familiar with Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.By the season finale, Sean had proposed to Catherine. The time has come—who did Sean Lowe propose to?! Before we get to that, tonights Bachelor finale took us on a whirlwind of emotion, beginning with a quick swoon over Lowe, who greeted his family as they arrived to Chaing Rai, Thailand to meet Catherine and Lindsay. It took a while to prove we did it, but Sean and Catherine are the final chapter in our glorious decision to go-it-alone and form America.Im also happy because it proves the formula of The Bachelor and Bachelorette is still the ultimate modern-day romance recipe. Last week, host Chris Harrison promised that the Bachelor in Paradise finale rules were going to change and things were going to get dramatic.The couples that are there are Desire Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, Sean and Catherine Lowe, and Jason and Molly Mesnick. The greatest love story since Anne Hathaway began her torrid romance with orchestrated surprise is complete now that Sean has chosen the woman of his pre-arranged dreams on the season finale of The Bachelor. So, who did he choose -- Catherine or Lindsay? Last week, Sean Lowe sat in a room by himself and watched his final episode of The Bachelor, which airs Monday night on ABC. Its really weird, he says.With Lindsay and Catherine as my final two women, I had a hard time. Theyre the only Bachelor -- so far --to get married after becoming engaged on the ABC reality series and now Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici-Lowe are opening up about the secret to their lasting relationship! ETs Lauren Zima visited the pair -- who got engaged on the season 17 finale before Although, Reality Steve says Bachelor Sean chooses Catherine with the final rose, Astrochicks doesnt see these two getting married. Our astrology prediction is theres too much drama and in the end we think Bachelor Sean will move on. sean lowe and catherine giudici 4 years ago. by lovenn1012 4 years ago.The BACHELOR - Jason and Melissa BREAKUP 9 years ago. The two met on Season 17 of ABCs The Bachelor, where Catherine competed with 25 other contestants for Seans attention.Not only did Catherine make it to the final round, but the two are now married with a child and expecting their second. The bachelors catherine and sean lowe now have a, The next step. if you, like us, sobbed out of happiness when the bachelor 17 finale ended with sean lowe proposing to (then) catherine giudici (reminder: they rode an Sean gave roses to Desiree, Catherine and AshLee, forcing Lesley to go home. After her elimination, Lesley tells the cameras that she was falling in loveThere is a live viewing After the Final Rose party after the two-hour finale, and the first The Bachelor season of the live After the Rose Finale telecast The season finale of The Bachelor has finally arrived! Sean Lowe will choose between Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter (or possibly go home single) on Monday, March 11. PHOTOS: Biggest Bachelor splits. OK, Im going to make a confession: I havent watched the 17th season of The Bachelor until this evening, but finalist Catherine Giudici is definitely my favorite, and I really want Sean Lowe to propose to her this evening.Too bad he cant be the one making the final decision! After a televised journey that started with 26 women, it came down to just two for The Bachelors Sean Lowe: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter. Going into the finale in Thailand, Sean, 29, was still undecided. "Extras" A.J. Calloway caught up with Sean and Catherine the morning after the big finale and the pair seemed relieved to finally go public as a couple. Подробнее о видео. Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici talk about their experience on the show, plans for a televised wedding and how Lowe is competing on Dancing with the Stars.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Finale - TOP 15 Shock It all came down to one final rose on Monday night -- and Sean Lowe, "The Bachelor" of Season 17, gave it to. wait for it drum roll please Catherine! So congrats to Sean for being the first Bachelor ever to not fornicate on the overnights. God is happy with that boy, I tell ya.Sean is engaged to Catherine and you will see that play out when the finale airs in March. There is a live viewing After the Final Rose party after the two-hour finale, and the first The Bachelor season of the live After the Rose Finale telecastThen, Sean appears in the studio audience and reunites with Catherine to see themselves together for the first time in public, as the two would be Monday was the day we — nay, America — has been waiting for: Sean Lowe finally chooses a wife on ABCs The Bachelor. Will it be Probably Not That Into Him Catherine?The final journey begins in Thailand, where Seans parents arrived to meet/greet/judge the ladies.

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