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Check your pnr status,irctc pnr status,check pnr status,train schedule, train enquiry,indian railway,train running status only at Through IRCTC train enquiry you can get the details of Indian railways trains, IRCTC reservation, IRCTC availability, The PNR status, the train running status, the train location in the map, arrival time, departure time.What can I check with the IRCTC train enquiry? PNR status represents "Passenger Name Record" that is provided just after a certain individual who wishes to do a trip during train purchases a ticket.Ways to Check IRCTC PNR Status. Using 139 Service - 139 service is the earliest and the direct main service from the Indian Railways that is Check PNR status of your railway ticket here by entering PNR number. PNR Dekho is the best website for Indian Railway train PNR status enquiry.IRCTC PNR status enquiry through online websites. Check current reservation status using SMS. PNR Status. Station Codes. Train Schedule.Train schedule search. Here you can check IRCTC train schedules of all Indian trains. How to use the form: You need to know your 5-digit train number.

In India the train ticket booking is manage by IRCTC. When you book a train ticket , you get a PNR number through which you can check your travel details. But many of us dont know How to check PNR status online or offline. Check Railway PNR status online on Cleartrip. Know about the PNR in detail and check the FAQs for any of your query related to PNR status.IRCTC train tickets now on mobile. Download Cleartrip app now. Apart from this when your children start getting bored, you can easily engage them in board games and card games. The internet wave in the country gave birth to IRCTC (Indian Railways and Catering and Tourism Corporation). IRCTC allows its users to book train tickets online, check PNR status This is Indias site where there people are always active booking tickets for travelling via train in all over india(where trains are available). Users oftenly visits this site for booking / reservation, inquiry, train information, and to check IRCTC PNR Status Online Checking IRCTC PNR status is now damn easy with Erails train enquiry service.So, leave those old school ways of knowing your trains status. Dont waste time and stress yourself by then n now visiting ticket counter and logging on to busiest Indian Railways website. Check Your IRCTC PNR Status, Passenger Name Record (PNR) for Indian Railways, is a ten digit number identifying each Reserved ticket.PNR Status. Train Schedule. Quickly check PNR Status of your train tickets here. Fast IRCTC PNR Status check, easier than Indian Railways site. When we buy ticket from IRCTC we get unique 10 digit number called PNR number.

All these are under Indian Railways. So, it doesnt matter, you travel in any of these train of the ones which are nto mentioned here, you just need to have the (Passenger Name Record Number (PNR), to check IRCTC PNR Status. Users oftenly visits this site for booking / reservation, inquiry, train information, and to check IRCTC PNR Status Online. and even to know how they can Get Train PNR Status By Sms. Check Indian Railways IRCTC Train PNR Status. To check Indian Railways IRCTC Train PNR Status, enter 10 digits PNR number (eg: 2845063532) in the textbox below and click on Get PNR Status. IRCTC Live Train Status Supports the following features. 1. Spot Your Train 2. PNR Status 3. Trains Between Stations 4. Cancelled Trains 5. Rescheduled Trains 6. Diverted Trains 7. Live Schedule 8. Live Station Details. We provide accurate fast service for Indian Railways and IRCTC PNR status enquiry. It is reliable available at anytime.Guide to check live train running status information. IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation provides all information regarding train delays and train status.That is why this leading website comes with the variety of information like live train location, IRCTC seat availability, IRCTC PNR status check, online flight booking services Check Indian Railways PNR Status.Train Time Table. Seat Availability. All Trains Status. CHECK IRCTC PNR STATUS or To check your PNR Status, you can enter your PNR Number on above Text Box and click on "Get PNR Status" button.It will help you to follow up the status of your train ticket. To Check PNR status of Indian Railways train tickets.IRCTC refers to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. In terms of group bookings, a single PNR number can include a maximum of six passengers. IRCTC Tourism App.Train/Fare Accommodation. Train Between Important Stations. New Train Number (w.e.f.20/12/2010). Railway Enquiry-139. Check Indian Railways PNR Status.When you buy ticket from Indian Railway Counter or IRCTC to travel from one place to another via train, You will be assigned a unique 10 digit PNR Number or PNR Code. How to check the PNR status of tickets booked from Indian Railway in irctc online. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the official partner of Indian Railways which is designed for online ticket booking. The procedure to check PNR status IRCTC and train info through these sites is given below. 1. Live Station Feed 2. IRCTC Train Schedule 3. Trains between stations 4. List of Cancelled Trains 5. List of Rescheduled Trains 6. List of diverted Trains 7. Check IRCTC PNR Status. Besides checking status of tickets reserved with IRCTC or Indian railway counter, you can also check train schedule, seat availability, station code, train name and number using this intuitive interface. IRCTC Train Schedule3. Trains between stations4. List of Cancelled Trains 5.List of diverted Trains7. Check IRCTC PNR Status. It is very easy to check your PNR status online through IRCTC PNR status.You can check PNR status only for the train tickets of Express and super-fast express trains, Rajadhani, Duranto, Shatabdi , janashatabdhi and Garib rath trains. Check IRCTC PNR Status Online. Indian Railway make comfortable to people know there seat number easily through online.Step by Step Guide to Check the PNR Status. Go to Click Here. Write your PNR Number i.e. 10 digit Number on Your train Ticket. Railway Reservation - How to check IRCTC Railway Reservation PNR Status Online | Railway Reservation Seat Availability. Indian Railways Reservation Enquiry, PNR Status, Running Status, Train Time Table, Train Route, Route Map Now it is very easy step proces To get actual Indian Railways (IRCTC) reservation status, you require to give or enter the 10 digit PNR No in the given box and can be checked your PNR Status.Trains PNR Status Enquiry via Official Website. PNR Status Wait list prediction of Indian Railways train tickets online. is highly reliable,fast and easy to use online portal to check PNR Status.Enter PNR Number. Check PNR Status. Check Save Your PNR Status from Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry.Cancelled Trains. IRCTC Form Fill. Indian Railway Contact Information. Official website: IRCTC customer care no: 011-39340000, 011-23340000.Train place status. H (Air conditioned first class coach).PNR Status how to check? Its quite easy. IRCTC Information Portal. Search. Menu.One of the ways of checking train running status is using Train spnr status, below is a guide of how to do so. Enter your five digit train number and hit the train running status button. You can also check IRCTC train current status enquiry with the help of PNR Status.It is also helpful in checking PRS railway reservation status. You can check Indian railways inquiry seat availability. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the only official partner of Indian Railways that manages online ticket booking.PNR status checking facility are made available for non reserved train tickets. Just enter your Train number to get the IRCTC Train Schedule Status.Check Railway Time Table or Train Schedule. Being one of the busiest and largest railway networks in the world, Indian railways have influenced our lives, more than anything. With your IRCTC ticket pnr status check, you can find out the status of the reserved ticket with just a single click.How good it would be to know well in advance whether your Indian railways train ticket is confirmed or not! As it is obvious that a train has a finite number of seats, there is sometimes where one may not get a confirmation. Hence, the booking status of suchThe above is the only official partner which manages online ticking of Indian railways. To check your PNR status, you just have to log in to IRCTC Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), is a subsidiary of the Indian Railway responsible for online booking of train tickets.It complements IRCTC by providing intelligent features like PNR Status Prediction, checking seat availability for all dates in one view, predicting train delay Indian Railway PNR Status NTES IRCTC Login Train Tickets NTES Live Status Railway Games Seat Availability Time Table.How to check PNR Status Online on Indian Railway IRCTC . Pnr status enquiry for irctc indian railways - do pnr, check accurate pnr status of irctc indian railway s ticket here by entering pnr number onlineCleartrip train search how it works. Live train running status online irctc train running. India railway trains information chennai metro train map. Currently IRCTC and Indian Railways provides irctc seat availability only for the selected day then we need to check every train and then for every reservation class, soIt will show you all the trains seat availability status also if seats available on any certain date then that date box highlighted in green. PNR Status of Indian Railways. Check IRCTC pnr status by entering 10 digit pnr number.Indian railway pnr status. In Indian Railways advance booking is allows up to 90 days before the actual train start date. Get IRCTC Train running status in one click.The two most important things to be noted while checking Live Train Status are "Last Reported Location" and "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages". With the increase of smartphone usage, Indian railways and IRCTC has published mobile apps for tracking the services and for booking train tickets. Commuters can install these apps from the market place and can check different services including the irctc pnr status. Indian Railways SMS service provides a way to check IRCTC PNR status using mobile phones.You can perform enquiries like train alert, IRCTC PNR status, train status, seat availability, train schedule, train information, train time table, train fare etc offered on the Indian Railways website. Official Indian Railways site for travelers using railways for taking holiday vacation trips, official trips, tours, and daily commute. Site provides train-running related and real-time status queries for all trains of India.

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