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This page links to the countries and special services in order of telephone country code. The initial digit is considered to be a zone which usually relates to a general geographic region (e.g. zone 5 is South/Latin America). United Kingdom: Telephones.International dialling. To dial to another country from the UK , first dial 00, then the country code, area code (usually excluding initial 0) followed by the customers number. Mexico Calling Codes: Number. India Long Distance: Number and City.Get cheap long distance rates! Search Country Codes - Numerical Order. Mobile numbers in the UK are not area-specific, and telephone country codes are the same for mobile phones and landline phones. The telephone country code for the United Kingdom is 44 and then you drop the trunk prefix 0 from the UK domestic telephone number. The United Kingdom international telephone countrycode 44 is used for calling United Kingdom from abroad from another country. The United Kingdom international dial code may also include a city or area code. Every phone country code and area code There is no telephone country code 97, however there are several telephone country codes that begin or end with these numbers.Use our telephone number area code tool to lookup areas and codes in the UK.

International Telephone Country codes for sending text messages are listed below.The numbers to the right are examples only to help you format your messages correctly. Please verify the number before using our system. UK. COUNTRY CODE FROM UK NOKIA2700 C [Solved] (Solved).Latest update on May 23, 2013 at 07:42 AM by jak58. This document, titled " Telephone prefixes (country code) for European countries," is available under the Creative Commons license. Country Telephone Codes. United States.

United Kingdom. Use UK country code 44 to call Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales. Telephone codes. The international country codes for the phones were introduced not on a whim, but with necessity. Dialing a phone number with no additional codes, one can get to the local number. United kingdom country code 44 gb codes.Telephone numbers in united kingdom wikipedia. Dialing codes to united kingdom northern ireland 3 easy ways call the uk from states wikihowhow us vonage blog. How to call a UK mobile phone from Russia. Dial the following international mobile codeTo call a British cell phone from your cell phone, you may need to first use the (plus) sign prior to entering the United Kingdom mobile code and telephone number. The United Kingdom international telephone countrycode 44 is used for calling United Kingdom from abroad from another country.

The United Kingdom international dial code may also include a city or area code. You asked: uk telephone country code. the United Kingdom. TO MAKE AN INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE CALL - dial the IDD Code (The International Access Code) for the country you are calling from, then the Country Code for the country you are calling to, followed by the local area code (if any) and phone number.0. GMT 7. Virgin Islands (UK). 1-284. United Kingdom country codes. Phone country code When you are abroad, and you you want to call United Kingdom, you need to know United Kingdom telephone country code before.United Kingdom websites. government portal : national statistics since it s creation.The Internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom is .uk and is sponsored by Nominet.Currently internet access isUnited Kingdom telephone numbers Location of United Kingdom (dark green) Location Country United Kingdom Continent Wikipedia. UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information.International dialling codes ». Step-by-step instructions for making telephone calls to other countries, plus advice on how to call the UK from overseas. Calling the United Kingdom from the United States explained: 011 - US exit code dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 44 - Country Code for UK. Information on country codes, domestic and international access codes, and area- code and telephone-number formats for every country in the world.The basic components used in dialing a telephone number are. country code Country Code 44. Local area code. Local phone number Guernsey, United Kingdom (England), Isle of Man, Jersey.Telephone code 44 Guernsey. International country Codes. The United States country code is an exception, with just the code 1. Some smaller countries have three-digit international telephone codes, such as the Republic ofThat means a phone number in the UK might be written as 44 1296 999999. National dialing codes when calling internationally. Country: United Kingdom Country Code: 44 Exit Code: 00 ISO Codes: GB/GBR United Kingdom Population: 62,348,447 Continent: Europe. United Kingdom Phone Numbers. Enter UK country code 44 area code and local number. United Kingdom country code: 44.Calling United Kingdom from abroad is as simple as calling from Abingdon to London. Simply replace the 0 before the telephone number to call by 0044 or 01144 if you make call from Canada and USA. In some countries, its normal for phone numbers to have varying lengths (for instance, a seven-digit phone number and an eight-digit mobile number). European Country Codes. Normally the phone number will correspond with the country (and country code) of the county mentioned in the ad. The following counties have UK phone numbers The internation UK mobile dialling code is 44, just remove the first 0 from the number and insert 44. If you are dialliing from the US to the UK you need to dial 011 44 (the UK number without the leading 0) 011 44 You could replace 011 with a symbol if you like 44 Free international telephone Country code directory! If you are tired of paying 1 or more to get a number from 118 services, switch to us! We provide free direcoty that allows you to find International Codes for any country. Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom are administered by the UK governments Office of Communications (Ofcom). For this purpose Ofcom established a telephone numbering plan, known as the National Telephone Numbering Plan And also I would like to have the country codes and not the full names, like this: 31 UK 32 BE 33 FR jesperlind Mar 27 10 at 18:33.Get telephone code from a country or country code - Twilio. 3. Convert CountryCode of Win32OperatingSystem to the country string. The international standard format for writing telephone numbers is Country City Number. For example, 1 202 456 1111 (Washington, DC, USA) or 44 20 7222 1234 (London, England, UK) or 678 23499 (Vanuatu, no city code). The plus symbol indicates insert your international dialing prefix translation and definition "Telephone Country Code", Dictionary English-English online.Country Code (Please provide the (telephone) country code for your country, for example 33 for France, 44 for United Kingdom or 46 for Sweden.) Use these list of Canada telephone country code number when making from international call (from USA, Japan, Australia, UK) to Canada.If you are from United Kingdom, use 00, for Australia use 0011, and so forth. Main article: UK telephone code misconceptions. The misconception of area code and number separation is also seen in other areas of the country where the area code length wasRetrieved 1 August 2014. "Co. Londonderry - UK Codes - The Phone Book from BT". British Telecom. Find area codes from across the UK with our handy directory of dialing codes available at BT Phone Book. Browse businesses by name or type online today.UK area code Country code. Telephone Country Codes. For Use Within Your Online Order. When calling from one country to another there is usually an international access code that is required to indicate that an international call is being attempted. For example, many Nigeria scammers order cell phones from the united Kingdom, then have them shipped to Nigeria. That way, it appears as though they are in the UK. Telephone Country Code List Sorted By Code Number. Search. Countries in Europe.United Kingdom Phone Code: 44. London Area Code: 20. Telephone Country Codes is a national prefix used when dialing into that country from outside that country.This format is used for both international and national long-distance dialing. In this example 44 indicates the country code for United Kingdom. Country Calling Codes - How to call Aruba from United Kingdom. Uruguay telephone code 598 is dialed after the IDD.Visit us to get number uk at Country Calling Codes Home International calling from United Kingdom to Greece. International telephone calling dialing code or time zone for any country or city. Find ALL telephone prefixes needed.00 048 to Northern Ireland (this special arrangement is much cheaper than dialing through the UK using country code 44). Free Calling from VoIP Providers. List of International Telephone Dialling Country Codes. When you are making international calls from one country to another country, you need to know the country code of the country you are going to call. United Kingdom Country Code 44 Country Code GB - Country Codes — EASY TO REMEMBER URL: for United Kingdom country code 44 country codes GB and United Kingdom phone number.Keywords Suggest. Uk Telephone Country Code From Usa. For Example: if you want to dial a cell phone number 12345678901 of London, UK: 00 (China exit code) 44 (country code of UK) > 12345678901.To Dial a Telephone Using a Landline Telephone / Cell Phone A Local Call: Dial the telephone number directly A Long-distance Call A comprehensive list of telephone country codes for international direct dialling (IDD). Australias IDD prefix is 0011 for voice calls and 0015 (or 0019 through Optus) for fax calls. The IDD prefix is required to be dialled prior to the country code. is the best way to check phone country codes online.Our Online Searcher will instantly show you all telephone prefixes needed to call from one area code to another in seconds and FREE! Storing any UK telephone number in a mobile phone, or directly dialling it from the keypad, in the correct 44 international format (without the leading zero) allows the number to work when the mobile is calling out from any country of the world EASY TO REMEMBER URL: for United Kingdom country code 44 country codes GB and United Kingdom phone number.United Kingdom telephone code 44 is dialed after the IDD. - Phoning the UK from abroad Start with the international dialling code from your country (for example: 00).- Telephone directories You can look up phone numbers in a local telephone directory or in a directory of local services such as the Yellow Pages or Thomson Local. List of country calling codes. This article is a travel topic When calling a phone number in another country, there is usually a prefix you have to dial to indicate that youre placing an international call this varies by country.

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